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Advances in 3d-4f Transition Metal Rare Earth Perovskite Oxides
Ihab Abdel Latif Abdel-Latif
Published Date:
August, 2016
Science Publishing Group
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Table of Contents
The Whole Book
Since August 10, 2016
Front Matter
Since August 10, 2016
Chapter 1 Introduction
Since August 10, 2016
Chapter 2 Synthesis of 3d-4f Oxides
Since August 10, 2016
2.1 Solid State Method
2.2. Co-precipitation Method
2.3 Hydrothermal Method
2.4 Sol-gel Method
2.5 Samarium Ferrimanganites
2.6 Europium Ferrimanganites
2.7 Ytterbium Manganites
Chapter 3 Elemental Analysis and Microstructure of 3d-4f Oxides
Since August 10, 2016
3.1 Ytterbium Manganites
3.2 Europium Manganites
3.3 Neodymium Manganites
Chapter 4 Crystal Structure of 3d-4f Oxides
Since August 10, 2016
4.1 X-ray Diffraction
4.2 Neutron Diffraction
4.3 Raman Scattering
Chapter 5 Electrical and Magnetic Transport of 3d-4f Oxides
Since August 10, 2016
5.1 Electric Properties of 3d-4f Oxides
5.2 Magnetic Properties of 3d-4f Oxides
5.3 Dielectric Properties of 3d-4f Oxides
Chapter 6 Applications of Rare Earth Magnanites
Since August 10, 2016
6.1 Magnetic Refrigeration
6.2 Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM)
6.3 Magnetic Sensor
6.4 Hydrogen Storage
Back Matter
Since August 10, 2016
Dr Ihab Abdel-Latif Abdel-Latif , the author of this book, is an Associate Professor of Physics in Reactor Physics Department, Nuclear Research Center, Cairo, Egypt and Physics Department, Najran University, Najran, Saudi Arabia. He defended PhD dissertation at Kazan Federal University, Kazan Russia in 2003 and published 66 publications and books in the field of advanced materials and neutron physics.
In the recent years, a lot of interests have been devoted to research on the 3d-4f oxides, within perovskites-like structure. The great attention increased due to the potential applications of such oxides in spintronics devices, clean magnetic refrigerators, magnetic sensors, hydrogen storage technology, magnetic recording media and ferroelectromagnets. This book highlights on the recent advances in such materials: synthesis, crystal structure, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties, besides the technological applications.
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