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Science Publishing Group produces high-quality paperback books, hardback books and eBooks in every genre, so if you wish to publish books, please click here to download the book proposal first. After filling it out, please send it to for initial review. Authors enjoy 100% royalties from the sold books.
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About SciencePG

Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 110+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. With an editorial team comprising some of the world's leading researchers, Science Publishing Group communicates scientific discoveries to over 175 countries.

Our Mission

Science Publishing Group is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Science Publishing Group and its members inspire a global community through its publications, conferences and professional and educational activities.

We ensure that scientists and researchers get the recognition and rewards that they deserve and the opportunity to play a significant role in the global scientific community.

  • Ismailov Sokhrab Akhmedovic
    SciencePG publishes original articles about almost all fields of science and technology. Consequently, the organization due to its merit attracted the attention of researchers of the entire world arsenal. Particularly pleased to be working with staff SciencePG. I wish them continued success in life and work!
  • D Hussein A. Rababah
    The publication of SciencePG is really great and wonderful. I was so impressed by your cooperation, assistance in editing and processing my book and fast publication and the price of publication was also undefeatable and competitive. With my sincere appreciation, wishing the best and successful future for SciencePG. I would suggest to expand the scope and range of your work by publishing books in different languages. I expect SciencePG to be one of the most known and competitive publisher worldwide.
  • Dr. Widodo Budiharto
    I really appreciate that SciencePG has published my book “Modern Robotics with OpenCV” successfully. SciencePG work fast and excellent. I have a plan to publish second book to SciencePG. Good good for SciencePG. Hope always improve the quality and reputation publication in the world.
  • Francesco Zirilli
    SciencePG is very positive. The timely service provided to the authors is excellent. And the publication is at very competitive prices. I believe SciencePG could make it to become a well known publisher.
  • Walter Petry
    There was a good co-operation with SciencePG during the publication of my book. Little time passed between submission, acceptance and appearance of the book. I got many help and support by SciencePG in the pre-press version.
  • Dr. Donald S. Christian
    It has been a long association for me now to be with the Science Publishing Group and it has certainly been a wonderful academic interaction for me. I could find many hot topics pertaining to my subject as well as my country from the various outstanding journal databases contained in its publications. I have grown my research stature while reviewing and contributing to the articles of the journal publishing group. I sincerely wish its publications hold a wonderful journey contributing towards international health research. Best wishes.
  • Kavintheran Thambiratnam
    Overall, Science Publishing Group is an upcoming and serious contender in the world of scientific publications. Science Publishing Group has done a lot of good work for the scientific community, especially in the dissemination of new knowledge for the benefit of all researchers. I have no doubt that Science Publishing Group will become a key figure in the scientific community in the coming years. Working with the Science Publishing Group has been a fantastic experience. The editorial staff are great to work with, and always willing to accommodate any requests. They are a very supportive group, and I have seen many scientists grow thanks to the support of the Science Publishing Group. Keep up the good work! I am confident that the Science Publishing Group will be listed in more indexes.
  • Dr. Muttanagoud. N. Kalasad
    The SciencePG is contributing a lot to the scientific community in terms of transparency in the evaluating manuscript and importance to the scientific merit. SciencePG supports high quality to the scientific community. It gives me immense pleasure to work with SciencePG.
  • Nikos Petrellis
    I had the chance to review a number of high quality articles considered for publication under SciencePG. The review process is well organized and guarantees success for SciencePG publications. The forms delivered to the reviewers guarantee that they will study carefully the advantages and the weaknesses of the submitted manuscripts. The reviewer decisions and comments must be documented. I believe that SciencePG publications will attract the interest of many researchers worldwide.
  • Guojian Wang
    SciencePG is a wonderful publishing group. I’d like to do an effort to improve the status of this research platform. As a reviewer of American Journal of Physical Chemistry, I appreciate the editor’s effort in dealing with the manuscript. The reviewer form is well organized and helps me to finish the review process easily. I hope to get more research paper for review.
  • Rita Vignani
    SciencePG offers a great choice of scientifically diverse topics published on peer-reviewed journals. The manuscript may not be published if considered problematic or not rigorous. The review process is meticulous and dispassionate, both by the Editors and the Referees. The SciencePG circuit, offers great opportunities to young researcher and lecturers to experience themselves as Referees. It’s an open-minded scientific publishing group, rich of novelty and interesting new scientific hints, available to improve knowledge and establish scientific exchange between international research groups. Perhaps some new topics such as Food Technology, molecular analysis on food matrixes, may be implemented. Keeping on active and innovative as it has been. Hopefully, the SciencePG will become mostly open-access.
  • Abigail Basson
    I have enjoyed being a reviewer for SciencePG, I do think however that a one week turn-around time is very tight! Correspondence with SciencePG has been timely and efficient. I anticipate that the journal will do very well and look forward to remaining a reviewer for SciencePG.
  • Dr. Ahmed M.S. Hegazy
    SciencePG is a broad site covering most of the scientific fields with rapid respected response and decision. It has updating knowledge, good international communication and integration. I suggest to add more and more scientific fields specially basic sciences in medicine as anatomy and embryology. Hope SciencePG a wonderful future in the expansion, extension and prove merit.
  • Kanagaraj Subramanian
    SciencePG is the open access journal, emerging as a successful online journal publishing scientific research in various fields. The quality of scientific research published in SciencePG is high and I will definitely encourage the researchers to publish their work in SciencePG journals. I had a good experience in SciencePG as a reviewer. I reviewed several scientific research papers for SciencePG, which allowed me to enhance my knowledge in various fields. I was encouraged to review good scientific papers and allowed me to maintain the quality of papers by well peer-review process. My suggestion is that SciencePG journals needs to publish the scientific research in various categories such as Review, Reports, Technical Reports, Research Articles and also need to highlights their Research Articles as News and Views. Hope the Peer-Review process maintains well for the publication of exciting and novel scientific research in SciencePG.
  • Dr. Vishnu Narayan Mishra
    It gives me immense pleasure to write something about prestigious journal SciencePG. The presence of large number of professionals, academicians and researchers will be able to generate high level to intellectual deliberations and help to inspire younger scientists and researchers to go the greater heights.I am sure that, this esteemed journal will provide a strong platform to all the authors for having useful interactions among themselves to have a deeper insight and further strengthen their mathematical knowledge. It will provide tremendous opportunities to many a budding mathematician to grow more meaningfully and understand the intricacies of mathematics and help in solving some of the unsolved open problems. I wish this journal all success and hope that it will be scientifically rewarding one and give all the participants an opportunity to strengthen mutual ties and friendship.
  • Yin-Hui Leong
    It is an honor and great pleasure serving as a peer reviewer for International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences. I feel comfortable with the review process and the editorial staffs are friendly and professional. I look forward to working with them again.
  • Dr. Robert Costello
    SciencePG provides the research community with up and coming research from a variety of different disciplines from across the world. The team within SciencePG are very friendly and always willing to help.
  • Kambiz Varmira
    Diversity of journals in the scientific field is appropriate. Publish of open access, provides the opportunity to raise the Knowledge level of the general population. I am interested in the clinical use of radiopharmaceutical. For this reason, some of articles in "International Journal of Medical Imaging" are very attractive to me. It is recommended that you work on the development of interdisciplinary science. For example production of targeted radiopharmaceutical and drugs and clinical assays of them, or using the biotechnological processes to produce drugs.
  • Behrad Koohbor
    I believe that SciencePG is making every effort to contribute to the scientific society by providing a means for the scientists from all over the world to share their knowledge and/or findings with their colleagues. I appreciate this and am honored to be a part of this group, being able to contribute to the scientific society.
  • Gerardo Reyes Guzmán
    It’s a great opportunity to share your research results among a wide circle of academics around the world. SciencePG is an international journal that helps researchers to publish their articles through an expedite process of arbitration, by which high quality is assured.
  • Lidianys Maria Lewis Lujan
    Virtual publications have become a great opportunity for a person to have access to scientific articles in prestigious journals. In this regard, International Journal of Nutrition and Food Science of Science Publishing Group, is a great opportunity for scientific research in LIBAF- Rubio Pharma Mexico is known anywhere in the world and to establish contacts with like-minded professionals.
  • Abbas Rahdar
    Science Publishing Group produces high-quality research papers and books, which has editorial board/peer review from all countries. Hope it can publish journal in nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology, nanosensors and nanobiosensors fields in the future.
  • Anand Nayyar
    To me SciencePG is not a publishing group. SciencePG has become the central point of good research which is not only publishing scientific research papers but also attracting more researchers to cite the research work of other researchers and getting top class research work of various researchers from all around the world. Thumbs up SciencePG and keep up the good work.
  • Mellah Hacene
    SciencePG combines all these advantages: fast publishing, peer review, high visibility and open access. When I join SciencePG, I practice my electrical engineering skills, I increase these skills and I make them update when I review a new paper.
  • M. Samadi
    Thanks for your valuable consideration. I have good experiences with SciencePG. Since I have been selected as a reviewer, I tried to contribute with this publisher to enhance the quality of the published papers.
  • Kazim Yildiz
    Science PG works systematically and gives response to our needs immediately. And our wishes are taken to consideration.
  • Kris Armoogum
    As a supporter of Open Access (OA) publishing I fully subscribe to the SciencePG ethos of promoting access to knowledge among the global scientific community. As an Editorial Board member for two of the SciencePG journals, I have found the experience very rewarding. I am impressed with the dedication, level of communication and efficiency of Science Publishing Group. Their hard work inspires me to review each Manuscript I am given with the utmost diligence.
  • Nasr Ide
    Thank you so much for Science Publishing Group. It’s a great honor that I am the editor/reviewer of SciencePG. Great appreciations to your effort for that the journals of SciencePG are in excellent scientific form.
  • Daniel Lupu
    SciencePG stands out among other publishers with over 110 peer-reviewed journals, covering a broad range of scientific areas, which are open access and open to publishing to scientists all over the world, including those coming from countries with reduced means of research dissemination.
  • Salvador Garcia-Ayllon
    SciencePG offers a wide variety of journals focused in different scientific fields. The International Journal of Environmental Protection and Policy is a very interesting journal with some important works about environmental protection and policy.
  • Abayomi Afe
    A record fast turn-around time from submission to publication; in fact the fastest in my publication history. SciencePG owns a very nice and kind editorial team; at least as typified by the editorial assistant.
  • Eric Mutegoa
    Science Publishing Group is the promising publisher for science generation to share knowledge in a fast and precise way that brings together all scientists in the world.
  • Manobendro Sarker
    I have known about SciencePG from my teacher. After that, I have some experiences with this journal publication site. It is very effective and user-friendly journal publication site. I will recommend everyone to publish his/her research work here.
  • Ismailov Sokhrab Akhmedovic
    SciencePG publishes original articles about almost all fields of science and technology. Consequently, the organization due to its merit attracted the attention of researchers of the entire world arsenal. Particularly pleased to be working with staff SciencePG. I wish them continued success in life and work!
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