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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What's Open Access?
Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. OA is also increasingly being provided to theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters. By making information freely available in this way, Open Access accelerates research and learning. By reducing the barriers that restrict access to knowledge, Open Access maximizes the opportunity for publications to be read and for authors to be recognized for their contribution in their chosen field and beyond.
Q2: How to submit a manuscript to SciencePG?
a. Login here. (If you have already registered, you just need to input your Username and Password to log in.)
b. Click "Submit to General Issue" or "Submit to Special Issue" on the left menu.
c. Fill in the basic information required.
d. Click "My Manuscripts" on the left menu to see the manuscript number. (Each paper has a unique manuscript number. It's very important to remember the manuscript number for each paper, because it will be useful in our further contact.)
Q3: What are the benefits of being an Editorial Board or Peer Reviewers in SciencePG?
a. Your name will appear on our journal website.
b. You can get the latest information of your special field.
c. You will get a certain discount if you want to publish papers in SciencePG.
d. You will get a certificate if you want a qualification.
Q4. What are the requirements of an article submitted to SciencePG?
a. The articles you submit must accord with the field of journal you choose.
b. SciencePG has a policy of "Zero Tolerance on the Plagiarism".
Q5. How long does it take for an article from submission to publication?
From submission to publication, it takes nearly one month: two weeks for article reviewing and acceptance, and another one or two weeks for article publication once the fee is paid.
Q6. How much does SciencePG charge for Article Processing?
Charge standards are in accordance with the national income and vary from countries to counties. You can pay a visit to the website:
Q7. When is the Article Processing Charges (APC) paid?
The Article Processing Charges (APC) is paid when an Acceptance Letter of the related paper reaches to the corresponding author.
Q8. What is Special Issue?
A Special Issue is a collection of papers on a particular theme within the scope of the journals of SciencePG.
Q9. How to propose a Special Issue?
Please click here to see the approach of proposing a Special Issue.
Q10. What are responsibilities of Lead Guest Editor in a Special Issue?
In a Special Issue, the Lead Guest Editor is mainly responsible for promoting his Special Issue, collecting papers and organizing the guest editors to review papers.
Q11. How long does it take to publish a Special Issue?
Usually it takes about half a year to publish a Special Issue.
a. 2-3 months are for the Lead Guest Editor to collect papers, so there is a submission due date. After the date, authors cannot submit their papers.
b. 1-2 months are for typesetting, reviewing, revision, final edition and publication.
Q12. How to find the right person to help you as soon as possible?
a. For the whole service about SciencePG, please contact
b. For Journal information, please contact
c. For Book information, please contact
d. For Special Issue, please contact
e. For Conference information, please contact
f. For Indexing information, please contact
g. For error message about the website, please contact
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