Guide for Authors

International Journal of Economy, Energy and Environment (IJEEE) accepts research articles, review articles, case report, methodology articles, communications and other types of articles about the subject. The article should be written in English.

Online Submission System

Publishing your research in a Science Publishing Group journal is simple and efficient. Science Publishing Group journals use online submission system:

Word Processing Formats

Only the following word processor file formats are acceptable for the manuscript document for all of Science Publishing Group journals:

  • • Microsoft word 2000/2003(doc)
  • • Microsoft word 2007/2010(docx)

Manuscript Template

Please click here to download the template to format your manuscript.

Manuscript Preparation

Word count - research articles: 4000-8000 words, review articles: 7000-12000 words, case report: 5000-10000 words, methodology articles: 4000-8000 words, communications: 1000-3000 words.

Each type of articles should include the following items:

  • • Title
  • • List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses
  • • Abstract
  • • Introduction
  • • Main body
  • • Results and discussion
  • • Conclusions
  • • Acknowledgments (optional)
  • • References

Title - Make sure that the title is specific and concise for retrieve purpose. Usually, the title is less than 25 words.

List of authors, their affiliations and email addresses - Provide the full names and affiliations of all the authors. Affiliations should include department, university or organization, city, and country. One of the authors should be designated as the corresponding author, and their email address needs to be included.

Abstract - The abstract should briefly introduce the manuscript, not exceeding 400 words. No citations, formulae, pictures and subsections should be included in the abstract.

Keywords - 3-8 keywords or phrases should be included and must be separated by commas to distinguish them.

Introduction - The introduction section should provide a context for your manuscript. When preparing the introduction, please bear in mind that some readers will not be experts in your field of research.

Main body - The main body part should include the main proposed idea, research method, results and discussion. For the requirements of equation, table and figure, please see the Manuscript Template

Results and discussion - Clear present your research or experiment results and make a brief discussion. For review article, case report, and communication article, this section may be included in Conclusions section.

Conclusions - A conclusion is where you summarize the paper's findings and generalize their importance, discuss ambiguous data, and recommend further research. An effective conclusion should provide closure for a paper, leaving the reader feeling satisfied that the concepts have been fully explained.

Acknowledgments - You as the author are free to decide whether to include acknowledgments or not. Usually, the acknowledgments section includes the names of people who in some way contributed to the work, but do not fit the criteria to be listed as the authors. This section of your manuscript can also include information about funding sources.

References - please use the numbered citation method for reference formatting, with sequential numbering in the text, and respective ordering in a list at the end of the paper

The list should contain at least ten references and should be arranged in the order of citation in text. List only one reference per reference number. In the text, each reference number should be enclosed by square brackets. Citations of references may be given as "in [1] ...", or as "in reference [1] ...". Similarly, it is not necessary to mention the authors of a reference, unless the mention is relevant to the text.

Multiple citations within a single set of brackets should be separated by commas. Where there are three or more sequential citations, they should be given as a range [2, 7-9, 13].

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