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Vol. 5, Issue 3, June 2017
Frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN Print: 2329-0935
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Dengfeng Li, Xiewen Hu, Xiaoyan Zhao, Jingwu Zhang, Victor Maicolo Nhansumba
Pages: 44-49   Published Online: Aug. 7, 2017
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Azzlia Mohd Unaini, Muhammad Rizal Razali, Thamer Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Aidi Hizami Alias, Ernaleza Mahsum
Pages: 36-43   Published Online: Aug. 7, 2017
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Samuel A. Babatunde
Pages: 23-35   Published Online: Jul. 31, 2017
PDF (1709KB)    
Ituze Gemma, Mwongereza Jean d’Amour, Abimana Colette, Rwema Michel, Chisale Paul
Pages: 16-22   Published Online: Jun. 21, 2017
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Wang Xiaojing, Yang Dan
Pages: 10-15   Published Online: May 10, 2017
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Client Testimonials
Arkadiusz Gola
Cooperation with SciencePG is a great and valuable experience for me, which gives great opportunity to develop my own knowledge (also by following actual research) and experience in preparation reviews of scientific papers. The quick and nice contact, flexibility in terms, and possibility (or not) of making reviews for papers which are not familiar with my scientific interests are all nice experiences. I'm eager to see our good and fruitful future cooperation.
Prof. Dr. Amer A. Taqa
SciencePG is an excellent journal that covers many branches of the science, and it is also a very good scientific area for scholars and scientists. I sincerely expect SciencePG to become one of the important scientist journals in a short time by the cooperation between the journal staff and the editorial team.
Entela Treska
Working with SciencePG is a great way to expand knowledge in the field of writing articles, paper submission etc. Being a reviewer/editor-in-chief was a great responsibility and a very special work which I have done with much more pleasure and commitment. My expectations from SciencePG would be their constant support and uninterrupted cooperation in the field of writing and formatting papers for submission.
Bidjeh Kebkiba
Among the overall evaluation of SciencePG, the outstanding point is fast publication. The nice experience with SciencePG is that the review of manuscript takes little time. Fast publication of special issues is all my expectation for SciencePG.
Shimels Hussien
SciencePG is doing a great job in publishing articles with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The whole process of publication is a pleasure. Why doesn't everyone else do it like you? The efficiency of the editorial staff and reviewers is highly commendable. The web site for online submission was extremely easy to use and the reviewers provided prompt feedback which noticeably improved my manuscript.
Editorial Board
Shashank Tiwari Department of Pharmacy, Integrated Biotechnological Research Institute (IBRI)
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sutorikhin Vladimir
Tomsk, Russia
Christian Ezeala School of Medicine, University of Zambia
Lusaka, Zambia
Jimmy Pham Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University
Livonia, MI, USA
Peer Reviewers
Entela Treska
Center of Molecular Diagnostics and Genetic Researches, University Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology "Queen Geraldine"
Tirana, Albania
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