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Vol. 5, Issue 5, October 2016
Frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN Print: 2328-7632
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International Journal of Elementary Education (IJEEDU) deals with both education theory and research and their implications for teaching practice. It prefers to publish original studies that contain data about school and classroom processes in elementary or middle schools while occasionally publishing integrative research reviews and in-depth conceptual analyses of schooling. In addition, IJEEDU presents articles that relate the latest research in child development, cognitive psychology, and sociology to school learning and teaching.
Ooi Phaik Wei, Abdul Ghani Kanesan Abdullah
Pages: 47-50   Published Online: Oct. 10, 2016
PDF (193KB)    |    HTML
Long Minghui
Pages: 40-46   Published Online: Aug. 25, 2016
PDF (487KB)    |    HTML
Rebecca Adawo, Paul Amoloh Odundo, John Kamau Mwangi, Ganira Khavugwi Lilian
Pages: 28-39   Published Online: Aug. 17, 2016
PDF (1332KB)    |    HTML
Nar Maya Subba, Yodida Bhutia
Pages: 17-27   Published Online: Jul. 15, 2016
PDF (580KB)    |    HTML
Karen H. Larwin, Matthew J. Erickson
Pages: 8-16   Published Online: Jan. 9, 2016
PDF (255KB)    |    HTML
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