Effects of Noise on Rabbit’s Blood
European Journal of Biophysics
Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2015, Pages: 10-13
Received: Mar. 19, 2015; Accepted: Apr. 22, 2015; Published: May 6, 2015
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Khitam Elwasife, Islamic university of Gaza, Department of Physics, Faculty of science, Gaza strip, Palestinian Authority
Ismail Abdel Aziz, Islamic university of Gaza, Department of Biology, Faculty of science, Gaza strip, Palestinian Authority
Mhammad Shabat, Islamic university of Gaza, Department of Physics, Faculty of science, Gaza strip, Palestinian Authority
Osama Shahwan, El-Manar Lab, Khan Yunis, Gaza strip, Palestinian Authority
Al Monther El Hamidi, Islamic university of Gaza, Department of Biology, Faculty of science, Gaza strip, Palestinian Authority
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Experiments are described in which domestic rabbits were deliberately subjected to a daily 3-4 hours noise regime (65 dB) for 18, 28, 40 and 50 days, to determine its effects on the blood. Noise exposure to rabbits caused a general increase in its biochemical parameters such as urea, uric acid, creatinine, cholesterol, and triglycerides, while glucose level decreased significantly. Our results indicate a general decrease of total protein, albumin and globulin levels. The results indicated that noise exposure at split dose could be harmful. It found that recovery period were able to alleviate some of those harmful changes.
Noise, Recovery Period, Blood Indices Domestic Rabbits
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Khitam Elwasife, Ismail Abdel Aziz, Mhammad Shabat, Osama Shahwan, Al Monther El Hamidi, Effects of Noise on Rabbit’s Blood, European Journal of Biophysics. Vol. 3, No. 2, 2015, pp. 10-13. doi: 10.11648/j.ejb.20150302.11
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