Simultaneous in situ Detection of the Optical Fluorescence, Fluorescence Recovery Kinetics After Photobleaching & Membrane Ion Flux on the Electrophysiological Lab-on-a-Chip
American Journal of Optics and Photonics
Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2015, Pages: 118-122
Received: Jul. 21, 2015; Accepted: Aug. 7, 2015; Published: Sep. 7, 2015
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Paul Alexandrov, Talrose Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics, RAS, Moscow, Russia
Alexander Notchenko, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, RAS, Kharkevich Institute, Moscow, Russia
Margaret Gradova, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, RAS, Moscow, Russia
Oleg Gradov, Talrose Institute for Energy Problems of Chemical Physics, RAS, Moscow, Russia
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The need for simultaneous data recording from multiple channels and synchronization of the correlation data processing in patch-clamp on microelectrode arrays / chips with many data capture points corresponding to single channel ionic kinetic processes of individual cells leads to the idea that adaptive variation of the local potential registration conditions in multichannel devices without signal preprocessing in real time is impossible. Moreover, the advisability of direct registration coupling with the model realization for kinetic identification of the process during patch-clamp can be realized only in case of their synchronization. We propose here such a measurement system.
FRAP, Fluorescence Recovery Kinetics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Photobleaching, Photovoltage Clamp, Real Time Target Machine, Patch-Clamp, Ion Flux
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Paul Alexandrov, Alexander Notchenko, Margaret Gradova, Oleg Gradov, Simultaneous in situ Detection of the Optical Fluorescence, Fluorescence Recovery Kinetics After Photobleaching & Membrane Ion Flux on the Electrophysiological Lab-on-a-Chip, American Journal of Optics and Photonics. Vol. 3, No. 5, 2015, pp. 118-122. doi: 10.11648/j.ajop.20150305.19
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