A Deterministic Approach to Measurement of Noise Attenuation in Oil-Rig Drill Ship Positioning Systems
Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems
Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2016, Pages: 59-65
Received: May 30, 2016; Accepted: Jun. 12, 2016; Published: Jun. 29, 2016
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E. C. Obinabo, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria
T. C. Nwaoha, Department of Marine Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
F. I. Ashiedu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
C. O. Izelu, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria
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This paper presents a qualitative evaluation of wave-induced motions in an oil-rig drill ship positioning system which incorporates a priori knowledge of noise contamination in the measured data. The noise contamination β defined in the function of the known form (P (X, β )) and X takes the specific values z, which from Cramer-Rao bound, gives the smallest possible variance with which the estimate of β can be determined. A conceptual model of the problem based on the maximum likelihood techniques in terms of joint probability distribution functions enhanced convergence of the iteration process. A filter was postulated to define the error covariance matrix which yielded unbiased estimates of the measured data.
Wave-Induced Motions, Oil-Rig Drill Ship, Maximum Likelihood, Error Covariance Matrix, Noise Attenuation, Filter, Minimum Variance Estimate, Error Covariance Matrix, Iteration Process
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E. C. Obinabo, T. C. Nwaoha, F. I. Ashiedu, C. O. Izelu, A Deterministic Approach to Measurement of Noise Attenuation in Oil-Rig Drill Ship Positioning Systems, Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems. Vol. 4, No. 3, 2016, pp. 59-65. doi: 10.11648/j.acis.20160403.12
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