The United Equation of Animal Growth
American Journal of Life Sciences
Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2015, Pages: 345-351
Received: Aug. 9, 2015; Accepted: Aug. 13, 2015; Published: Aug. 21, 2015
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Alexey A. Zotin, Laboratory of Evolutional Developmental Biology, Kol’tsov Institute of Developmental Biology of The Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
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The equation that can describe all known types of animal growth is proposed. The equation contains two basic coefficients, one of which determines the initial rate of growth; the other determines the change of the growth rate. In separate cases two correction coefficients should be taken into account, one of which is connected with morphogenetic processes and the other is connected with spontaneous decrease of the body weight. Biorhythms that accompany growth process can be described by the equation as well. Linear recursive form of the equation allows to use regression analysis and, therefore, comparative intrapopulation, interpopulation and interspecies analysis of growth. Examples of approximation by the equation of own and literature experimental data are shown. Values of the coefficients of the equation for different types of growth in different stages of ontogenesis of the various animal systematic groups are calculated. The equation is suitable to describe change of any biological parameter which is associated with body weight by allometric (power) dependence
Body Weight Changes, Developmental Biology, Growth, Mathematical Model
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