The Characteristics of Soil Organic Nitrogen Using Efficiency in Different Sugarbeet Genotypes
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Volume 6, Issue 4, August 2017, Pages: 145-148
Received: Aug. 7, 2017; Published: Aug. 7, 2017
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Jian-Chao Zhou, Academy of Crop Science, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China
Qiu-Hong Wang, Academy of Crop Science, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China
Xiao-Chun Wang, Academy of Crop Science, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, China
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The research into variation of soil organic nitrogen use efficiency and absorption efficiency with different sugarbeet genotypes provides a theoretical basis for the selection, cultivation and breeding of high-quality genotypes. In view of this, pot and field split-plot experiments have been conducted on 100 sugar beet genotypes under chamber and field conditions. The results were as follows: in growth chamber pot experiments, whole plant and root organic nitrogen use efficiency varied significantly among genotypes; higher soil organic nitrogen use efficiency at seedling stage preceded higher absorption capacity and organic nitrogen use efficiency during the following three growth stages; higher transformation quantity and soil organic N use efficiency predicted higher root-shoot ratio at harvest stage.
Sugar Beet, Organic Nitrogen, Use Efficiency, Absorption Efficiency
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Jian-Chao Zhou, Qiu-Hong Wang, Xiao-Chun Wang, The Characteristics of Soil Organic Nitrogen Using Efficiency in Different Sugarbeet Genotypes, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Vol. 6, No. 4, 2017, pp. 145-148. doi: 10.11648/j.aff.20170604.16
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