Reduction of Friction by Electric Action on Oils
International Journal of Materials Science and Applications
Volume 8, Issue 4, July 2019, Pages: 68-75
Received: Jun. 23, 2019; Accepted: Aug. 22, 2019; Published: Sep. 10, 2019
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Anatoly Vasilievich Dunaev, Laboratory 14.1, Federal State Budget Scientific Institution «Federal Scientific Engineering Center VIM», Moscow, Russia
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In the well-known research, testing tribometer TRB-S-DE, in the operation of hundreds of cars confirmed the effectiveness of low-cost and a significant reduction in friction and improvement of working properties of interfaces of components operating in motor and gear oils under electrical stress on the oil. Thus, by 2007 the Kharkiv Academy of railway transport proved the efficiency of processing of motor and hydraulic oils in a constant field up to 1000 V/cm. And by 2013, the Academy has provided heavy machinery Donbass several models of devices for such processing of motor and hydraulic oils. However, Lyubimov D. N. with colleagues provided a more simple method of processing oil - supply voltage converters +12V /+ 50V on the dipstick, or other isolated parts washed by the oil. This was tested at Tallinn University on the Timken friction machine, at the Helsinki diagnostic centre by two tests of the car on a drum stand (fuel economy up to 22.4%) and a bench test of the engine with fuel economy of 3.7%. And in St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Shabanov A. Yu. in bench trials of the engine the VAZ-2108, measuring 276 parameters, convincingly showed a varied effect of the filing of charges in oil: mechanical losses decreased by 5.5%, fuel consumption by 4.3%, the exhaust gas temperature by 6-10°C, the content of co and CH by 19%, but NOx increased by 6.53%. The effective efficiency of the engine increased by 4.62%, and the power-by 1%. That is, the savings in gasoline and diesel engines are close. Therefore, in Russia, Lyubimov D. N. converters are already used at 330 facilities. In tests of the Nanocenter at the Moscow Institute GOSNITI on the tribometer ТRB-S-DE voltage of +12...33 V and +48 V was applied to the electrodes of iron, graphite, copper, aluminum, zinc and tin, mounted in oil with finger groups steel pin-on-disc. Tests at a sliding speed of 100 cm/s were carried out at a stepped loading to a pressure of 220 MPa. A 3.5 - fold reduction in friction and wear was obtained at low loads, less - at medium and without effect in the nominal mode. In 2018, on 29 modern Russian and imported cars, the supply voltage even on steel parts in engines, in transmission units provided fuel savings of at least 3, in different conditions 10-18, mainly 7-8%. Tribological treatment Pustovoi I. F. by serpentine composition «Fe-do» of the four units of the car's Ford F-150 and emission of charges in their oils have reduced the fuel consumption from 15 to 10-11 l/100 km. Recent testing demonstrated the effectiveness of applying a voltage of 100 V.
Electricity, Engine, Friction, Fuel Consumption. Oil, Wear
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