Knee Flexion Deformity in Osteoarthritis Assessment: Functional Outcome and Association to Certain Parameters
Science Journal of Clinical Medicine
Volume 7, Issue 6, November 2018, Pages: 41-46
Received: Oct. 14, 2018; Accepted: Nov. 26, 2018; Published: Dec. 20, 2018
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Uqba Nafea Yousif, Deparmtment of Medicine, Faculty of Rheumatology, Tikrit University, Salahaldin, Iraq
Rayan Mohammad Maree Altaee, Alshikhan General Hospital, Rheumatology Unit, Nenavah Health Directorate, Nenavah, Iraq
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To assess the functional outcome of Knee flexion deformity which was a real complication of 154 joints measured by Plastic goniometer and collected from 81 patients with knee Osteoarthritis as independent cases in this Case-series study. Statistical analyses revealed that the percentage of Flexion deformities higher and increase with age of the patient and there is high significance correlation of flexion deformity and its degree with LYSHOLM Knee Questionnaire Scale altering the normal pattern and the biomechanics of normal knee function and walking.
Osteoarthritis, Flexion Deformity, Lysholm Knee Questionnaire
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Uqba Nafea Yousif, Rayan Mohammad Maree Altaee, Knee Flexion Deformity in Osteoarthritis Assessment: Functional Outcome and Association to Certain Parameters, Science Journal of Clinical Medicine. Vol. 7, No. 6, 2018, pp. 41-46. doi: 10.11648/j.sjcm.20180706.11
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