Genetic Characteristics of Brown Forest Soils on the Middle Urals
American Journal of Environmental Protection
Volume 4, Issue 3-1, May 2015, Pages: 148-156
Received: Mar. 5, 2015; Accepted: Mar. 8, 2015; Published: Jun. 25, 2015
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Samofalova Iraida, Perm State Agricultural Academy, The Faculty of Soil Science, Agrochemistry, Ecology and Commodity research, Perm, Russia
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Feature of mountain soil formation is that the soils on the mountain slopes are formed in different bioclimatic and orogeomorfological conditions. The purpose of research is to study genetic properties of the brown forest soils in the Middle Urals. Features of the morphological structure: truncated profile (35-75 cm), weakly expressed in the differentiation of the soil profile into individual Horizons, detritus (20-65%), loamy fine earth, the signs of podzolization in the soil profile is not found. Feature granulometric size distribution of the soil - a gradual increase in weight on the profile into Sandy Loam to Silty Clay and Clay, the dominant factions are either big Silt or Sand. Soils are characterized by a very acidic environment and high hydrolytic acidity. The soils are enriched in organic matter and humus profile characterized by prolixity. Group composition humus shows mobility, high degree of humification of organic substances to fulvic acids. Gross composition shows that the processes of soil formation on Mount, North Basegi aren’t leading to a distinctly different profile. Coefficients of geochemical accumulation, subsurface weathering, eluviation, oxidation calculated and helped define the features of the gross composition of soils. Character of distribution in profile and correlation of forms of iron help to diagnose physical processes of weathering and soil formation (burozemic pedogenesis et al.); signs Podzolization not revealed. Weathering and soil formation processes that occur with varying intensity, creating a diversity of soil cover and the spatial heterogeneity of soils, even within the same type. Thus, in the mountains of the Middle Urals brown forest soils form a number of subtypes: raw organic (900 m) - ferruginized (655 m) - metamorphosed (590 m) - clay-illuvial (577 m) - eluvial (565 m) - clay-illuvial (315 m).
Brown Forest Soils, Properties, Genetic Horizons, Soil Profile, Soil Formation, Weathering Processes
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Samofalova Iraida, Genetic Characteristics of Brown Forest Soils on the Middle Urals, American Journal of Environmental Protection. Special Issue: Applied Ecology: Problems, Innovations. Vol. 4, No. 3-1, 2015, pp. 148-156. doi: 10.11648/j.ajep.s.2015040301.33
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