An Empirical Study on the Factors Influencing the Innovation of Internet Business Model
Science Journal of Business and Management
Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages: 55-65
Received: Aug. 9, 2018; Published: Aug. 13, 2018
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Zhu Zongqian, School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an, China
Shang Yanying, School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an, China
Yan Tong, School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an, China
Zhang Ruocheng, School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an, China
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On the mode of integration of the relevant literature and interviews in the enterprise, Internet background from the practice of value creation from the perspective of the construction of driving factors identification framework of business model innovation, using exploratory factor analysis to extract the common factor of Internet business model innovation factors. After factor analysis, the common factor is named. Conclusion: from the practice of value creation of 4 common factors were extracted from the perspective of industry chain integration driven subject, degree, Value flow degree and outside the enterprise resource integration mode and profit mode. Enterprises should strengthen the complementarity and stability of cooperative networks and expand the channel resources of partners from the angle of industry chain and driving agent. Strengthen the knowledge absorption ability of the staff and the innovation ability of the product orientation of the enterprise, and control the replicability of the enterprise value-added service on the basis of ensuring the data security of the enterprise. Enterprises should pay attention to marginal users, strengthen the win-win of enterprise cooperation network and innovation of revenue channels. From the perspective of internal resource integration and external resource integration, enterprises should strengthen communication with users and suppliers, improve customer satisfaction, and explore the depth of value.
Internet, Business Model Innovation, Influencing Factors, Empirical Research
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Zhu Zongqian, Shang Yanying, Yan Tong, Zhang Ruocheng, An Empirical Study on the Factors Influencing the Innovation of Internet Business Model, Science Journal of Business and Management. Vol. 6, No. 2, 2018, pp. 55-65. doi: 10.11648/j.sjbm.20180602.14
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