Unrivaled Incandescent Lamp for Green Energy Project
World Journal of Applied Physics
Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2016, Pages: 1-15
Received: May 2, 2016; Accepted: May 13, 2016; Published: May 27, 2016
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Lyuji Ozawa, Freelancer, Beijing, China
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After the study on the confines of the commercial incandescent lamps, we have a conclusion that the both of the W-filament lamps and LED lamps already have the optimized as the power hungry incandescent lamps. Only FL lamps have a capability for the significant improvement in the consumed energy and quantum efficiency. We have studied the FL lamps with the different viewpoints from the established technologies in the past for 80 years. The Ar gas space fills up with the negative electric field. The electric insulating vacuum breaks out by the formation of the volumes of the glow lights at the both ends of the Ar gas space, which act as the cathode and anode of the internal DC electric circuit in Ar gas space. The FL lamp provides the superconductive vacuum for the moving electrons, giving rise to the astronomical quantum efficiency. We have developed the coil-EEFL lamps that brilliantly light up under the external DC driving circuit with WDC = 0 with a longer life. The lighting conditions and the WDC= 0 do not changed with the coil-EEFL lamps in air and in the vacuum-sealed container. The coil-EEFL lamps in the parallel connection in the vacuum-sealed container with WDC = 0 can be operated with the combination of asolar cell and a battery.
Green Energy, FL Tube, Quantum Efficiency, Power Consumption
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