Salvia caeruleobracteata (Lamiaceae), a New Species from Oaxaca, Mexico
Journal of Plant Sciences
Volume 5, Issue 5, October 2017, Pages: 146-151
Received: Jul. 28, 2017; Accepted: Aug. 23, 2017; Published: Sep. 8, 2017
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Martha Martínez Gordillo, Herbarium of the Faculty of Sciences (FCME), Faculty of Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico, CDMX, Mexico
Daniel Sandoval Gutiérrez, Botanical Garden, Institute of Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, CDMX, Mexico
Abisaí García Mendoza, Botanical Garden, Institute of Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, CDMX, Mexico
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During the review of the Lamiaceae of Oaxaca, specimens of the genus Salvia were found with morphology similar to S. pannosa, from the sect. Scorodoniae. However, the new species can be distinguished from S. pannosa by being branching herbs up to 0.5 m tall, with stems and upperside of the leaf hirsute, rachis, calyx and pedicel covered with non-glandular simple trichomes, and persistent bracts, blue, acuminate apex and tomentose abaxial face with simple non-glandular trichomes.
Salvia, Lamiaceae, Oaxaca, México
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Martha Martínez Gordillo, Daniel Sandoval Gutiérrez, Abisaí García Mendoza, Salvia caeruleobracteata (Lamiaceae), a New Species from Oaxaca, Mexico, Journal of Plant Sciences. Vol. 5, No. 5, 2017, pp. 146-151. doi: 10.11648/j.jps.20170505.13
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