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Dynamics of Two-level Atom Interaction with Single-mode Field
American Journal of Electromagnetics and Applications
Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2019, Pages: 34-38
Received: Nov. 21, 2019; Accepted: Dec. 17, 2019; Published: Dec. 27, 2019
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Sitotaw Eshete, Department of Physics, Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences, Debre Tabor University, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia
Yimenu Yeshiwas, Department Physics, Debark University, Debark, Ethiopia
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In this paper, we investigate the dynamics of fluorescent light emitted by a two-level atom interacts with squeezed vacuum reservoir is studied wisely using two-time correlation function and the master equation fundamentals approaches. We use the pertinent master equation to calculate the time-evolution of cavity filed operators as well as two-time correlation function. The mathematical analysis shows the fluorescent spectrum of light emitted by the atom is turned out to be a single peak at a Lorentz's frequency for both squeezed vacuum reservoir and thermal reservoir. On the other hand, we have identified that the squeezed vacuum reservoir input is responsible to the stimulated emission of photons from the atom. Moreover, it is identified that thermal reservoir is more efficient than squeezed vacuum reservoir to have valuable power spectrum. The power spectrum which characterizes the fluorescent light generated by a two-level atom has been summered as it is observed for both case; (i) when a two-level atom coupled to squeezed vacuum reservoir and (ii) when the two-level atom coupled to thermal reservoir. Finally, we generalized from the paper is that the power spectrum of generated light from a two-level atom coupled to thermal reservoir is greater than the power spectrum generated from a two-level atom coupled to squeezed vacuum reservoir. In contrast, more stimulated and squeezed photons are emitted in the case when the atom is coupled with squeezed vacuum reservoir.
Quantum Optics, Cavity Mode, Two-level Atom, Density Operator, Master Equation, Squeezed Vacuum, Power Spectrum
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Sitotaw Eshete, Yimenu Yeshiwas, Dynamics of Two-level Atom Interaction with Single-mode Field, American Journal of Electromagnetics and Applications. Vol. 7, No. 2, 2019, pp. 34-38. doi: 10.11648/j.ajea.20190702.14
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