Transmission Line Galloping Prediction Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Results
Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Volume 6, Issue 5, October 2018, Pages: 135-141
Received: Dec. 10, 2018; Published: Dec. 11, 2018
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Li Shuai, Henan EPRI Hitech Group Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou, China
Li Zhe, State Grid Henan Electric Power Research Institute, Zhengzhou, China
Liang Yun, State Grid Henan Electric Power Research Institute, Zhengzhou, China
Liu Shanfeng, State Grid Henan Electric Power Research Institute, Zhengzhou, China
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With the expansion and extension of power grid scale, the impact of catastrophic weather on the safe operation of power grids is increasing, and strengthening the prediction and early warning of catastrophic weather processes, which have a serious impact on power grid production, can effectively improve the efficiency and ability of power grids to cope with catastrophic weather. In this paper, using multi-data source data processing technology, the monitoring data of the transmission line micro-meteorological monitoring device is applied to the refinement numerical prediction calculation to improve the accuracy of the numerical weather forecast results in Henan province, and based on this research to establish the transmission line dance Prediction model, Predict the occurrence probability of transmission line dance under different meteorological environment conditions. Through the fine regional numerical prediction system and dynamic reduction scale technology, the hourly meteorological factor forecast of 1 km resolution in Henan Province in the next 3 days is predicted, the statistical revision of the forecast field of meteorological elements around the transmission line is established, and based on this, the prediction model of transmission line dance can greatly improve the prediction accuracy of transmission line dance, To form a more precise and accurate dance prediction results, to facilitate the power sector to carry out different time scales of transmission line dance early warning work.
Multiple Data Source, Dynamical Downscaling, Numerical Prediction, Galloping Prediction Model, Probability of Galloping
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Li Shuai, Li Zhe, Liang Yun, Liu Shanfeng, Transmission Line Galloping Prediction Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Results, Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Vol. 6, No. 5, 2018, pp. 135-141. doi: 10.11648/j.jeee.20180605.13
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