Clinical and Social Concerns in Treated Patients with Primary Hypothyroidism in Basrah: A Cross Sectional Study
American Journal of Internal Medicine
Volume 3, Issue 6, November 2015, Pages: 256-263
Received: Oct. 21, 2015; Accepted: Nov. 2, 2015; Published: Dec. 30, 2015
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Haider Ayad Alidrisi, Al-Faiha Specialized Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism Center (FDEMC), Basrah College of Medicine, Basrah, Iraq
Alaa Khattar Musa, Department of Medicine, Basrah College of Medicine, Basrah, Iraq
Abbas Ali Mansour, Al-Faiha Specialized Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism Center (FDEMC), Basrah College of Medicine, Basrah, Iraq
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Background: Despite available treatment for hypothyroidism, L-thyroxine replacement therapy in a biochemically appropriate dose does not necessarily relieve patients' symptoms and complaints. The aim of the study was to evaluate the concerns of patients treated with hypothyroidism and to correlate these concerns with different patient characteristics and thyroid biochemical control. Subjects and Methods: one hundred eighteen treated primary hypothyroid patients attending Al-Faiha Specialized Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism Center (FDEMC) in Al-Basrah were entering a questionnaire designed to capture personal, anthropometric, biochemical and clinical data. Twenty-four concerns were questioned to the patients who score these concerns on a 4 point Likert scale. Results: The most scored patients' concerns were fatigue, neuropathic pain, lack of weight loss, cold intolerance, breathing problems, and swallowing problems. No statistically significant relations were existed between these concerns and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) control, except for a high TSH group which were highly likely to have concerns of feeling sick (OR: 0.27, 95%CI 0.54 to 2.0, p=0.001), neuropathic pain (OR: 0.4, 95%CI 0.17 to 1.6, p=0. 01), cold intolerance (OR: 0.35, 95%CI 0. 0.3 to 1.7, p=0.005), and hair problems (OR: 0.26, 95%CI 0.6 to 2.1, P<0.0001). A significant correlation existed between duration of the hypothyroidism and patients' concerns of swelling of the hands and feet (R=0.7 P<0.0001), memory problems (R=0.4 P<0.0001), hearing disturbance (R=0. 38 P<0.0001), and hair problems (R=0. 3 P=0.001). Age significantly affects patients' concerns of memory problems (R=0. 6 P<0.0001), swelling of the hands and feet (R=0.4 P<0.0001), and hearing disturbance (R=0.37 P<0.0001). Positive correlation was present between low density lipoprotein cholesterol level and patients' concerns of cold intolerance (R=0.3 P=0.001), hair problems (R=0. 28 P=0.003), feeling sick (R=0. 2 P=0. 02), and neuropathic pain (R=0.18 P=0.04). The total cholesterol level also showed a positive correlation with patients' concerns of cold intolerance (R=0.3 P=0.001), hair problems (R=0. 25 P=0.01), neuropathic pain (R=0. 22 P=0. 01), and fatigue (R=0. 2 P=0.04). Conclusion: We cannot rely on the TSH level alone as a marker of optimal treatment outcome in patients with primary hypothyroidism because it does not reflect the concern status of the patients.
Hypothyroidism, Patients' Concerns, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
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Haider Ayad Alidrisi, Alaa Khattar Musa, Abbas Ali Mansour, Clinical and Social Concerns in Treated Patients with Primary Hypothyroidism in Basrah: A Cross Sectional Study, American Journal of Internal Medicine. Vol. 3, No. 6, 2015, pp. 256-263. doi: 10.11648/j.ajim.20150306.17
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