Methodology of Species Diversity Indicators and Terrestrial Vertebrate Numbers Assessment from the Example of the Zone Affected by the Planned Nizhnezeisk Water Reservoir
International Journal of Environmental Protection and Policy
Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages: 32-38
Received: Oct. 17, 2018; Accepted: Nov. 27, 2018; Published: Apr. 2, 2019
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Sergey Podolsky, Institute of Water Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; Zeya State Nature Reserve, Zeya, Russia
Vyacheslav Kastrikin, Khingan State Nature Reserve, Arkhara, Russia
Mikhail Parilov, Khingan State Nature Reserve, Arkhara, Russia
Klara Pavlova, Zeya State Nature Reserve, Zeya, Russia
Lilia Levik, Department of Geography, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
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Comparative assessment of the importance of nature conservation in different shoreline areas has become a relevant task as the strategy of sparing management of natural resources is developed for areas impacted by existing and planned water reservoirs. Integral biodiversity indices that characterize species diversity along with abundance parameters for every animal species sighted were developed for the area that would be influenced by the Lower Zeya Hydropower System (currently at the planning stage). The present article includes lists of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians seen in the area, grading scales for the abundance of species and ecological groups of terrestrial vertebrates, a list of the main biotopes, zoning principles for the areas influenced by the reservoir, formulas for calculating the integral parameters of species diversity and ani-mal abundance, and schematic maps of the spatial distribution of the values of integral indices of richness and nature protection significance of the animal populations. Specific recommendations for strengthening the network of Special Protected Natural Areas are given. This study allows for the conclusion that construction of the Lower Zeya hydropower plant will be associated with a high risk of negative consequences for biodiversity and ecological stability on both the local and regional levels.
Species Diversity, Animal Population, Nature Protection Significance, Special Protected Natural Areas, Lower Zeya Hydropower Plant
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Sergey Podolsky, Vyacheslav Kastrikin, Mikhail Parilov, Klara Pavlova, Lilia Levik, Methodology of Species Diversity Indicators and Terrestrial Vertebrate Numbers Assessment from the Example of the Zone Affected by the Planned Nizhnezeisk Water Reservoir, International Journal of Environmental Protection and Policy. Vol. 7, No. 1, 2019, pp. 32-38. doi: 10.11648/j.ijepp.20190701.15
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