Existing Animal Husbandry Practices in Narmada District of Gujarat in India
International Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2018, Pages: 23-29
Received: Aug. 6, 2018; Accepted: Aug. 19, 2018; Published: Sep. 17, 2018
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Ram Singh, Buffalo Nutrition Division, ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes, Hisar, India
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The present study was undertaken to document the existing animal rearing practices adopted by the farmers in Narmada district of Gujarat in India. In each of the four talukas comprising Narmada district, 25 animal keepers were selected randomly forming a total of 100 respondents. The study revealed that 48.00% of the respondents reared indigenous cattle along with buffaloes followed by 18.00% indigenous cattle only, 13.00% buffaloes only, 9.00% indigenous along with crossbred cattle, 5.00% crossbred cattle only, 4.00% crossbred cattle along with buffaloes and 3.00% indigenous cattle along with crossbred cattle and buffaloes. The indigenous cattle breeds of the region were Gir, Dangi and nondescript; and the breeds of buffaloes were Surti, Mehsana and nondescript. The milk yield of the indigenous cattle, reared by 68.00% of the farmers was less than 2 litres per day. Majority of the respondents reared medium sized herd dominated by indigenous cattle along with buffaloes. 46.00% of the respondents used mucus and bellowing together to identify estrous in animals followed by mucus discharge alone (38.00%), frequent urination (15.00%) and mounting (1.00%). 88.00% of the respondents got their animals inseminated within 12-18 h of heat detection. In buffaloes, 93.00% of the respondents observed calving interval (CI) of more than 15 months, 7.00% reported CI between 13-15 months. In buffaloes, 90.00% of the respondents observed dry period of more than 3 months, 9.00% between 2-3 months and 1.00% less than 2 months. 10.00% of the respondents practised full hand method of milking, 3.00% stripping and 87.00% knuckling. It was concluded that indigenous cattle and buffaloes were important species of livestock in Narmada district of Gujarat which was lacking in proper health care practices like vaccination, deworming and treatment of livestock. The lack of scientific animal rearing causing poor animal production was the major impediment in good animal husbandry.
Animal Husbandry, Cattle, Buffalo, Narmada, Gujarat
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