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A Short-Term Study on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Gill, Kidney, Liver, Muscle and Skin Tissues of Silurus glanis L., 1758 from Çamlıgöze Dam Lake, Sivas, Turkey
Journal of Health and Environmental Research
Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages: 37-41
Received: Mar. 10, 2017; Accepted: Apr. 14, 2017; Published: Apr. 26, 2017
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Seher Dirican, Department of Fisheries, Suşehri Timur Karabal Vocational Training School, Cumhuriyet University, Sivas, Turkey
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The concentrations of heavy metals (Ag, Cd, Cu, Fe, Pb) were analyzed in gill, kidney, liver, muscle and skin tissues of Silurus glanis L., 1758 from Çamlıgöze Dam Lake located at Central Anatolian region of Turkey. The heavy metal analysis of samples was carried out by using a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Ag, Cd and Cu were found in all of the examined tissues. Fe and Pb were not determined in all tissues studied. The mean concentrations of heavy metals in all of the examined tissues of S. glanis were as follows; Ag: 0.038±0.014–0.157±0.163, Cd: 0.016±0.001–0.020±0.001 and Cu: 0.045±0.001–0.346±0.434 µg/g. The obtained results were compared in terms of national limit values, international consumed and standard values. The concentrations of the tested heavy metals were within the acceptable standards.
Bioaccumulation, Heavy Metals, Silurus glanis, Çamlıgöze Dam Lake
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Seher Dirican, A Short-Term Study on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Gill, Kidney, Liver, Muscle and Skin Tissues of Silurus glanis L., 1758 from Çamlıgöze Dam Lake, Sivas, Turkey, Journal of Health and Environmental Research. Vol. 3, No. 2, 2017, pp. 37-41. doi: 10.11648/j.jher.20170302.14
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