Non-Conventional Standpoint on Spin Crossovers in the Organometallic Compounds of Iron Group
Journal of Photonic Materials and Technology
Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2015, Pages: 40-45
Received: Jul. 13, 2015; Accepted: Jul. 24, 2015; Published: Jul. 28, 2015
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V. V. Shelest, Dept. of Dynamical Properties of Complex Systems, Galkin Institute for Physics & Engineering, Donetsk, Ukraine
A. V. Hristov, Dept. of Phase Transitions, Galkin Institute for Physics & Engineering, Donetsk, Ukraine
A. Yu. Prokhorov, Dept. of Phase Transitions, Galkin Institute for Physics & Engineering, Donetsk, Ukraine
D. A. Chervinskii, Dept. of Dynamical Properties of Complex Systems, Galkin Institute for Physics & Engineering, Donetsk, Ukraine
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We have considered the spin crossover (SC) complex compounds containing spin-active metal ions of iron group, which can induce the spin transitions (ST) of high spin (HS) – low spin (LS) type under influence of temperature (TIST), pressure (PIST) or light (LIESST) from non-conventional point of view. We have analyzed the physical peculiarities of the studied ST systems observed in numerous papers for X ray, spectral, calorimetric and magnetic measurements. On this basis, we suppose that ST (for example, in bulk of SC compounds with TIST) can be considered as phase transitions (PT) of post-critical type (PCT)
Spin Crossover, Phase Transition, Critical Phenomena, Supramolecular Compounds
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V. V. Shelest, A. V. Hristov, A. Yu. Prokhorov, D. A. Chervinskii, Non-Conventional Standpoint on Spin Crossovers in the Organometallic Compounds of Iron Group, Journal of Photonic Materials and Technology. Vol. 1, No. 2, 2015, pp. 40-45. doi: 10.11648/j.jmpt.20150102.14
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