The Responsibility of the Teacher to the Student Performer
International Journal of Literature and Arts
Volume 2, Issue 5-1, October 2014, Pages: 20-24
Received: Jul. 30, 2014; Accepted: Aug. 12, 2014; Published: Aug. 26, 2014
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Krasimira Georgieva Fileva-Ruseva, Faculty of Music Pedagogy, Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe
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The responsibility of the musical instrument teachers to their students is manifold. It includes the initial assessment of the abilities of the child, the development of the professional qualities, skills and dexterity of the student, the building of a stock of knowledge (basic note cognition, the fundamentals of the musical theoretical knowledge, general musical and stylistic culture), the responsibility to build up a strong motivation for playing a musical instrument, to develop determination and precise control over one’s own performance and to promote a level of self-confidence, adequate to the abilities of the student. Whereas you may come across some publications about the first enumerated responsibilities, the topic about the needed self-confidence of the performer is usually neglected by the authors of methodical studies. The self-confidence of the musician - interpreter should not be either excessive or unduly low, because they both could be an obstacle as to the successful performance before listeners, so to the professional and even the life fulfilment of the instrumentalist.
Music, Performer, Musical Instrument Teacher
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Krasimira Georgieva Fileva-Ruseva, The Responsibility of the Teacher to the Student Performer, International Journal of Literature and Arts. Special Issue: Musical Theory, Psychology and Pedagogy. Vol. 2, No. 5-1, 2014, pp. 20-24. doi: 10.11648/j.ijla.s.2014020501.14
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