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Apr. 30, 2017
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Psychology of Human Names
Lead Guest Editor:
Yaoyuan You (游曜源)
Independent Scholar, Yichang, Hubei, China
Name, regardless of language and race, it is to follow the people a lifetime of symbols. Up to now,it’s not developed in the field of psychology, but the meaning and power will affect people's choice、environment etc., this effect is a tremendous force.

Everybody born to be called a name, before strangers know you will ask what’s your name. If you are a great man, the public did not have the opportunity to get to know you, but they will know what’s your name, If the man is dead, people first think of your name, and then think of your life. Just like you need a good living environment, a good relationship, a good effort, a good opportunity, and you need a good name.

The ancients said: life+ lucky+ environmental + geomantic+ reading+ your name+ appearance+ faith+ good friends+ health=10 points.

The 10 points in the fate, name is responsible for point, the importance of name is obvious.

This special issue, let psychology in the field of human psychology has a new discovery, it can help the psychological doctor faster understanding of the patient. In the early stage of the "chaos crowd", carry out timely, education, remind, correct, for the maintenance of world peace.

Aims and Scope:History of writing
The development history of Chinese names
The development history of English names
Development of name
The influence of name
Extension of the school of names
Application of name in Psychology
Extension of the name of the school, extension
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