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Home / Journals / American Journal of Civil Engineering / Diagnostic of structures by Destructive and Non-destructive Tests
Diagnostic of structures by Destructive and Non-destructive Tests
It is often necessary to test concrete structures after the concrete has hardened to determine whether the structure is suitable for its designed use. The tests available for testing concrete range from completely non-destructive tests, where there is no damage to the concrete, through those where the concrete surface is slightly damaged, to partially destructive tests, such as core tests and pull-out and pull-off tests, where the surface has to be repaired after the test. The special issue deals with destructive and non-destructive methods of evaluating the mechanical properties of concrete. This involves the diagnosis of reinforced concrete structures using the necessary auscultation devices such as the sclerometer, the sound level meter, the corrosiometer, Compression strength and proposing the necessary repair solutions. Non-destructive tests are widely applied to study mechanical properties and integrity of concrete structures. They are simple to use and often economically advantageous. They are suitable for taking measurements on site and taking continuous measurements. These non-destructive methods are usually associated with each other to improve diagnosis and reduce the number of tests.

When making a diagnosis concerning intervention measures for the rehabilitation of the structures exposed to aggressive environments, one must consider not only the effect on the building materials, but also the on the broader issues of design and execution of intervention works for different categories of structures.

Aims and Scope:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Repair
  3. Auscultation
  4. Destructive tests
  5. Non destructive tests
  6. Jacketing
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