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Social Capital, Democracy, CSR, Hybrid Warfare: Excusing to Sustainability: by 5th Wave Theory
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Lead Guest Editor
Department of Business and Economics,University of Applied Sciences (FHM), Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfahlen, Germany
Guest Editors
  • Torsten Fischer
    International Affairs, University of Applied Sciences (FHM), Berlin, Germany
  • Shahram Abadie
    ENSACF (National School of Architecture Clermont-Ferrand ), UCA (University of Clermont-Auvergne), Clermont, Ferrand, France
  • Gholamhossein Bolandian
    Political Sciences Faculty, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran
  • Dario Assante
    Faculty of Engineering, International Telematic University Uninettuno, UTIU, Rome, Italy
  • Manuel Castro
    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Head of Department, Madrid, Spain
  • Ottorino Vereni
    Istituto Motori CNR, National Research Council of Italy, Naples, Italy
  • Rahim Hobbenaghi
    Chancellor of Urmia University, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
Sciences and technologies are utilized in such a way to gain sustainability, because it is the best solution to preserve the world and improve quality of life and livability. Research in humanities, human resources competencies for high technologies and research related to human resources have roles in achieving sustainability, especially 7PS model (invented by: Prof. Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian, 2019) which is focusing on seven pillars of sustainability such as below:
  1. Economy
  2. Social
  3. Environmental
  4. Political
  5. Cultural
  6. Educational
  7. Technical
Some of the important issues related to future of humanities, technologies and sustainability are as following:
  1. Social Cultural Capital
  2. Trust
  3. Democracy
  4. High Technologies
  5. CSR
  6. Hybrid Warfare and
  7. Velvet Revolution
  8. The 5th Wave/Tomorrow Age Theory (invented by: Hamid Doost Mohammadian, 2010, revised 2017-19)
In this special issue we are going to discuss about these subjects, which is unfortunately only as excusing to sustainability.
Social Cultural Capital, Trust, Democracy, High Technologies, CSR, Hybrid Warfare and Velvet Revolution are occurred to improve sustainable development and globalization (two important phenomena in recent decades).
Fundamentally, to gain trust, democracy, freedom, equality of male and female and develop social capital, cultural capital and sustainability are the goals of hybrid warfare and velvet revolution, but in fact these are just as excusing to participate in Hybrid Warfare and Velvet (color/soft) Revolution via private social networks.
In other words, these aren’t gained by Hybrid Warfare and Velvet (color/soft) Revolution. Sustainability has economic, social, political, cultural and environmental aspects but Hybrid Warfare and Velvet (color/soft) Revolution is just concerned on social and political sustainability and it couldn't improve economic, political, cultural and environmental sustainability. So, Hybrid Warfare and Velvet (color/soft) Revolution couldn't achieve sustainability in fact.
In addition, to develop globalization, societies' culture, CSR and tradition will be altered and after a while new generation with western's believes and concept are remained that they are far from their tradition and lose cultural political power. Therefore, instability in culture could be occurred. Generally, sustainability, CSR and globalization are just excusing of Hybrid Warfare and Velvet (color/soft) Revolution for facing west and the rest (the clash of civilization by excusing negotiation of civilization).
It is necessary to do such a research to indicate the importance and role of technologies and humanities' research in sustainability and find out the main reasons of Hybrid Warfare and Velvet (color/soft) Revolution and why some companies and politicians support these wars and revolutions.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Sustainability
  2. Social Cultural Capital
  3. Democracy
  4. Trust
  5. Velvet (Color/Soft) revolution
  6. High Technologies
  7. Hybrid Warfare
  8. The 5th Wave/Tomorrow Age Theory
  9. Globalization
  10. Civilization
  11. Cultural Dimensions
  12. Cultural Diplomacy
  13. International Management and Relation
  14. Internet of Things
  15. Big Data
  16. Innovation
  17. Sustainable Development
  18. CSR
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