Published Special Issue
Volume 4, Issue 3-1
Expired Date:
Mar. 30, 2015
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Optical Techniques for Deformation, Structure and Shape Evaluation
Lead Guest Editor:
Qinghua Wang
Research Institute of Instrumentation Frontier, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Guest Editors
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Jinan
Shandong, China
Professor George Jandieri
Special Department, Georgian Technical University
Tbilisi, Caucasus, Georgia
Paper List
Authors: Baoge Zhang, Jianguo Zhu
Pages: 1-4 Published Online: May 12, 2015
Views 4200 Downloads 85
Authors: Yanlong Huang, Jianguo Zhu
Pages: 5-8 Published Online: May 12, 2015
Views 3626 Downloads 90
Authors: Shien Ri, Satoshi Hayashi, Hiroshi Tsuda, Shinji Ogihara
Pages: 9-13 Published Online: Jul. 6, 2015
Views 2458 Downloads 72
Authors: K. Wenzel, Gy. Abraham, P. Tamas, A. Urbin
Pages: 14-17 Published Online: Jul. 25, 2015
Views 3995 Downloads 91
Authors: Dai Meiling, Yang Fujun, He Xiaoyuan
Pages: 18-23 Published Online: Jul. 28, 2015
Views 3891 Downloads 100
Authors: Akos Antal, Attila Katona, Peter Major, Jozsef Molnar, Norbert Szakaly, Peter Tamás, Klara Wenzel
Pages: 24-28 Published Online: Aug. 7, 2015
Views 4401 Downloads 100
Authors: Yanjie Li, Guang Han
Pages: 29-32 Published Online: Sep. 2, 2015
Views 3214 Downloads 69
Authors: Wei Qiu, CuiLi Cheng, Yu Cheng Zhao, Qiu Li
Pages: 33-38 Published Online: Nov. 29, 2015
Views 4197 Downloads 129
Authors: He Guanglong, Zhu Jianguo
Pages: 39-42 Published Online: Jan. 20, 2016
Views 3095 Downloads 60
Authors: Qinghua Wang, Shien Ri, Hiroshi Tsuda, Takashi Tokizaki
Pages: 43-49 Published Online: Mar. 14, 2016
Views 3989 Downloads 88
There has been a growing demand for non-destructive quantitate evaluations with the development of materials science and integration technology. Optical technology shows its unique superiority in performance evaluations of materials and structures owing to the non-contact characteristic. This special issue welcomes research and review papers related to optical techniques and apparatus for non-destructive evaluations of deformation, structure and shape. We are particularly interested in new optical methods, developed optical instruments, typical applications in the fields of materials science, aerospace, electronics, biology, medical science, oceanography and other industrial areas.

Expected topics include, but not limited to:

1) Optical methods and apparatus, such as laser interference, moiré methods, the digital image correlation method, electronic speckle pattern interferometry, the grid method, geometric phase analysis, holographic interferometry, holo-photoelasticity, etc.

2) Fabrication techniques deformation carriers, including regular patterns (grating, grid) and random patterns (speckle) at different scales

3) Measurement accuracy improvement techniques, such as phase shifting, image processing, using ultraviolet light or X-ray, etc.

4) Measurement in unconventional environments, such as micro/nano scales, high temperature, dynamic state, vibration, curved surface, three dimensions, etc.

5) Applications in deformation measurement, mechanical properties evaluation, structure characterization, shape measurement, defect detection, surface flatness assessment, interfacial bonding strength estimation of various materials and structures.
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