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May. 30, 2017
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Thin Film Fabrication Technology
Lead Guest Editor:
Dr. Banti Ganguly Chakraborty
Department of Chemistry, Dasaratha Deb Memorial College, Tripura, India
In the world of preferment in science and technology the discovery of materials which are novel with varied characteristics and applications have played a key role. In the A thin film is a layer of materials ranging from nanometers to micrometers in thickness. Thin film studies got an immense diffraction in new area and parts of research in the subject of chemistry, solid physics, life sciences, biotechnology, nanoscience and many more. Thin film fabrication techniques follow ways: Physical process and Chemical process. Thin film materials have been used in semiconductor devices, wireless communication, telecommunications, biosensors, rectifiers, solar cells, LEDs, liquid crystals displays, smart windows, opto-electronics, integrated circuits, etc.

This special issue is aimed to provide thin film fabrication using Langmuir Blodgett technique, Layer by layer self assembled technique, Chemical vapor deposition, Pulse laser deposition, molecular beam epitaxy etc.

Aims and Scope:
Design, Develop, Fabricate Thin Film
Thin Film Solar Cell
Thin Film Batteries
Fabricate Different Types of Sensors
Bimolecular Fabrication
Polymer Based Fragrance Delivery System
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