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Home / Journals / International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences / Natural Active Ingredients for the Management of Diabetes and Obesity
Natural Active Ingredients for the Management of Diabetes and Obesity
Nowadays, more and more attentions have been paid to Diabetes and Obesity because of their high occurrence rates. Medicines always cause terrible side-effects, so we start to search for new solutions from Natural Active Ingredients, which are green and safe. We plan to find these good ingredients and then apply them in food. By this way, we can make lots of social values and economic benefits.
We judge a natural active ingredient from some aspects. Firstly, its mechanism should be clear and reasonable and the Efficacy must be proved or can be demonstrated by Animal Tests and Clinical Tests. Secondly, its Extraction and Purification should be easy to operate and free from poisionous solvents. Novel techniques are encouraged to be applied in the preparations. Finally, these ingredients should have Practical Applications in Food, such as beverage, bread, rice and other popular food.
We think more about the practical applications of these natural active ingredients. Because many natural ingredients are sensitive to heat, acid and oxygen, studies on the stability should be carried out in order to ensure their functions in human body. Besides, as we know, people who suffer from diabetes and obesity dare not to eat what they like, so we are expected to find these ingredients which could help people to eat freely.
We also welcome novel concepts. If a natural active ingredient can improve the situation of diabetes and obesity based on a new Mechanism, it will become famous and popular soon after it appears on the market.

Aims and Scope:

  1. Natural active ingredients
  2. Diabetes and obesity
  3. Mechanism and efficacy
  4. Extracion and purification
  5. Animal tests and clinical tests
  6. Practical applications in food
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