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Multi-Directional Aspects of Combat Sports Performance and Training

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Lead Guest Editor:
Tomasz Gabrys
Institut of Physical Education, Tourism and Physioterapy, Uniwersist Jan Dlugosz Częstochowa, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Guest Editors
Robert Staszkiewicz
Faculty of Physical Education,Sport University of Physical Education
Kraków, Poland
Agata Nowak
Department of Physiotherapy , Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education 
Katowice, Poland
Urszula Szmatlan-Gabrys
Dapartment of Anatomy, Uniwersity of Physical Education Krakow
Krakow, Poland
Vera Knappova
Department of Physical Education ,Sport Science West Bohemia University
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Ladislav Cepicka
Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Petr Valach
Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of West Bohemia
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Combat sports is a group of sports disciplines with a wide spectrum of scientific research.: social, biological, medical and sport sciences. The special issue is aimed at gathering the latest research in the research from various scientific areas from the humanities (sociology, psychology, history, pedagogy), through biological-medical sciences to sports sciences combining multi-faceted martial arts. Currently, the direction of development of applied scientific research is the integration of various fields of science around the problem of preparing in combat sport. Research that we will be particularly interested in will focus on sports training and the relationship between internal and external load. The second important topic will be functional training in combat sports. Significant loads of strength training require a special program of functional training. We will expect the experience of authors in this field.
The works should be of research nature and cover the following issues:
  1. experiments related to training programs in combat sports
  2. analysis of the performance in combat sports at various sport levels
  3. the physiological and biochemical specificity of the effort in combat sports
  4. body structure of combat sport competitors
  5. women's competitors in combat sports
  6. psychological aspect in combat sports
  7. medical aspects of the training and competition in combat sports
  8. place of physiotherapy in the training of a combat sports
  9. problems of weight reduction
The interdisciplinary nature of the work and their multifarious view of the problem of combat sports training will allow for comparisons of methodology of research in various scientific centers.

Aims and Scope:

  1. analysis of sports competition in the combat sports (men and women)
  2. training load in combat sports
  3. body structure, anthropological and biomechanical determinants of the performance in combat sports
  4. physiological and psychological aspects of the performance in combat sports in different age and sex groups
  5. fatigue, injuries and weight reduction to a combat sports
  6. therapeutic and functional training programs in combat sports
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