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Jan. 30, 2016
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Cancer, Inflammation and Kinases
Lead Guest Editor:
Jayshree Mishra
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Kingsville, Texas, USA
Cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide is characterized by three phases viz initiation, development and progression of a tumor mass. In all these phases, tumor microenvironment islargely orchestrated by inflammatory cells. These cells become indispensable participant in the neoplastic process, nurturing proliferation, survival, and migration. Inflammation is a host protective response and deregulated inflammatory response is a critical component of tumor progression. Prolonged inflammation otherwise known as chronic inflammation promotes cancer progression while an acute inflammation contributes to cancer regression. Epidemiological evidence points to a connection between inflammation and a predisposition for the development of cancer. Various potential molecular and cellular mediators such as cytokines, chemokines, oncogenes, enzymes, transcription factors, and immune cells drive the transition of chronic inflammation to cancer. These molecular mediators are critical cornerstones between inflammation and cancer, and their activation and/or deactivation are influenced by both environmental and hereditary factors. Protein kinases are one among those molecular mediators that have been known as valuable molecular target and play a crucial role in signal transduction, cellular proliferation, differentiation and other regulatory mechanisms associated with inflammation mediated cancer cell signaling processes. Understanding of these concepts helped in redesigning new therapeutic strategies against molecular mediators to assist in cancer treatment and disease management.

The goal of this special issue is to improve our understanding on the nature of deregulated cell signaling pathways and associated key signaling molecules that are involved in inflammation mediated cancers of different origin. Additionally, this special issue also discusses on how these new discoveries outline the need to redesign the targeted cancer therapeutic strategies to specifically target inflammation, and cancer. Overall, this information would provide an important beginning to the broader efforts of developing new therapeutic avenues. We would like to include reviews, mini reviews and original articles in our special issue which will be a nice and intellectual treat to our readers.Aims and Scope:

1. Cell signaling in inflammation associated cancer

Role of molecular and cellular mediators in inflammation and cancer
Role of protein kinases in inflammation and cancer

2. Role of key upstream and downstream players of tyrosine kinases in inflammation and cancer

Tyrosine kinases as “molecular targets” for cancer therapy
Therapeutic protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors for treatment of inflammation mediated cancer.

3. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance in chronic inflammation and inflammation mediated cancer.
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