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Jul. 31, 2015
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Future of Personalized Medicine
Lead Guest Editor:
Unisha Patel
Fernandez and Associates, LLP, Atherton, California, USA
Guest Editors
Unisha Patel
Intellectual Property, Fernandez & Associates, LLP
Atherton, California, USA
Is the marriage of Bioinformatics and Personalized Medicine the future of medicine?

Genetic and behavioral data mining would revolutionize a person’s perception on health, in the same way that public access and use of the internet changed our lives by providing the infrastructure for information to be collected and connections to be made in ways that had not been possible hitherto. Genetic databases and lifestyle correlations via the cutting edge field of Bioinformatics and Stem cell therapy will be the next echelon of information to be reconnoitered and used through the internet which will better and change our lives. And, thanks to smartphones and wearable technology, it will all commence from the palm of our hands.

Personalized medicine is a multidisciplinary effort which requires an amalgamation of smithereens of intellectual property and technology. President Obama’s, 2009 lifting of certain restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research and $215 million precision medicine imitative in the 2015 budget has certainly been a catalyst for venture capital investment in the field. Venture firms have sunk more dollars into gene therapies and genomics-based molecular diagnostics since 2010, $715.8 million, than they did all of last decade, $653.6 million according to venture source. The US Dept. of Health and Human Services is predicting the market for personalized medicine will reach $300B by 2020; it's no surprise that many analysts feel the sector is now entering into the inflection phase of the Gartner Curve for what some are calling "the internet of healthcare."

The current high level of interest in personalized medicine from a policy perspective is attributable not only to the promise of improved patient care and disease prevention, but also to the potential for personalized medicine to positively impact two other important trends – the increasing cost of health care and the decreasing rate of new medical product development.

We will focus on how robust IP portfolios and strategies will help the next generation of regenerative medicine in conjunction with bioinformatics companies in transforming the future of medicine.

Original research papers are solicited in any aspect of innovative mobile Internet technology.

Aims and Scope:

1. Personalized/ Precision Medicine and the use of stem cell therapy
2. Cancer cell therapy
3. Wearable Technology
4. Bioinformatics and Next generation sequencing
5. Internet of things
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