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Dec. 30, 2015
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The Industry of the Board, New Tendencies and Perspectives
Lead Guest Editor:
Yonny Martinez Lopez
Department Agroforestal, University of Guantánamo, Baracoa, Guantanamo, Cuba
The industry of the wooden boards, he/she has had an important development as a result of the express increment of the demand of their products in the last years; this is owed mainly to the diversity of uses that can be given to the boards, in the industry of the construction and piece of furniture.

This industry at the moment faces a strong competition, so much for the matter it prevails wooden as for the market of its products. Boards have been developed using matter it prevails diverse as, wood, plastics, tetrabrik, among other materials. All with good use perspectives in the sector of the construction due to their physical and mechanical properties.

Their applicability transcends from interior linings, floors, skies, etc. with a marked advantage regarding the solid wooden use; however, they should guarantee an appropriate resistance and durability in service. Among the most important properties in the wooden boards this their density, which can determine in great measure the aptitude of the boards to dedicate them to diverse applications, because this property is directly proportional to the mechanical resistance of the boards.

Others of the properties that it is important to know of a board with the help of wood are: the uniformity in their thickness, the resistance and rigidity to efforts of static flexion, the adherence of the particles with those that is elaborated, the degree of absorption of humidity and swelling that it can reach, as well as the profile of density that presents regarding their thickness. These properties are decisive for the use of the board and their later specific application in uses where some of those properties are decisive to obtain the maximum benefit from the yield point of view, durability and economic. It is as well as it has been ended up incorporating in the industry of the boards, other wooden species that were not considered capable for such a product, until the properties of the boards were not determined elaborated with those specie.

This Special Edition seeks to publish scientific results of great relevance that evidences the development of the industry of the board in the different regions of the world, by means of the same one it is summoned to the scientific community to promote its most recent investigations that give sample of the advantages and utility of the wooden boards.
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