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Volume 3, Issue 1-1
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Feb. 10, 2015
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Advances in Bat’s Reproduction
Lead Guest Editor:
Edith Arenas Ríos
Biology of Reproduction Department, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City, Mexico
Guest Editors
Biology of Reproduction Department, Metropolitan Autonomous University
Mexico City, Mexico
Paper List
Authors: Rodríguez-Tobón Ahiezer, León-Galván Miguel A., Arenas-Ríos Edith
Pages: 1-7 Published Online: Feb. 16, 2015
Views 3566 Downloads 129
Authors: Arenas-Ríos Edith, Rosado Adolfo, Rodríguez-Tobón Ernesto, Rodríguez-Tobón Ahiezer, León-Galván Miguel Ángel
Pages: 8-12 Published Online: Feb. 27, 2015
Views 2856 Downloads 87
Authors: León-Galván Miguel Angel, Rodríguez-Tobón Ahiezer, Cano Espinoza José Sulim, Guzman Ledesma Beatriz Samantha, Guevara-Chumacero Luis Manuel, Leyequien Abarca Lissette
Pages: 13-21 Published Online: Feb. 27, 2015
Views 2851 Downloads 102
Authors: Martínez-Coronel Matías, Munguía-Pérez Alma Alicia, Arenas-Ríos Edith
Pages: 22-27 Published Online: Mar. 5, 2015
Views 3197 Downloads 87
Most of the articles that have been published on reproduction in bats had been mainly covering the reproductive ecophysiology in males and females.

Many years researchers, scholars of the bats, focused on gathering this information, because it lacked even the same.

However recently they have published many articles which purpose is to explain the physiology and biochemistry of the reproductive processes that in bats are extraordinary, because many species of bats are completely out of the report for most mammals.

The present proposal of special issue entitled "Advances in reproduction in bats" aims to bring together the physiological and biochemical studies that address many of the reproductive aspects of male and female bats that are as diverse and interesting.
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