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Home / Journals / Animal and Veterinary Sciences / Mortality in Calves, Lambs and Kids Caused by Different Etiological Agents
Mortality in Calves, Lambs and Kids Caused by Different Etiological Agents
Lead Guest Editor:
Wael El-Deeb
Department Of Clinical Studies, College Of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa, Afghanistan

Mortality in different animal species is a big problem facing animal industry. Great economic losses due to this mortality occurs leading to low profitability. Calves, lambs and kids mortality is the most frustrating part of keeping cows, sheep and goats. After big efforts done, lamb and calves that dies soon after arrival is such a terrible waste and a killer of profit. Mortalities of neonates usually occur in the age from delivery of the lamb up to 3 months of age. This mortality has great effect on productivity of dairy and sheep farms. Neonatal mortalities rates differ from country to country and between the areas within the country but generally it may reach up to 20%.

Causes of deaths among calves, lambs and kids are variable. Recently more data was available regarding this mortality and morbidity. Methods of reducing and minimizing these causes leading to death of calves, lambs, foals and kids were disclosed.

Aims and scope:

1. Identification of the causes and incidence of the most important and common diseases among newborn calves and lambs.
2. Determination of the incidence of calves, lambs and kids mortalities and identification of the risk factors on the both individual and herd levels.
3. Investigation of acute phase response in different cases of mortalities in calves, lambs and kids.
4. Invention of a control program in order to prevent/or reduce the mortality rates among the calves, lambs and kids.
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