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Plant Defense Bioactive Molecules With Biotechnological Potential
With the civilization beginnings, after the human being ceased to live as nomad, the plants were exploited in a extractive way. They were and still are used as an important source of nutrients (proteins, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids) and raw material for the construction of houses and clothes. The wild plants were domesticated and posteriorly cultivated on large scale, with use in the manufacture of industrialized food and animal feed. With the growth of the world population (more food consumption), use of plant products in different industrial sectors such as cosmetics, food, construction, textiles and pharmaceuticals evidence the importance of scientific research focusing on plant species known and in vegetable specimens not yet well studied. Thus, it is necessary the constant search for plant molecules that can present biological activities with potential application in the control of pests and pathogens in the agricultural and clinical importance This special issue are focused in bringing together relevant works that report the purification process of plant molecules (primary or secondary metabolite) with biological activity. These activities may be against pathogens and pests of agricultural and agricultural importance, as well as pathogens of clinical importance. The use of vegetable extracts as nutracelticals and in the control of chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, etc.) of the human being will be approached. Aims and Scope: Microbiology Biochemistry Plant molecules Ethnopharmacology Food nutrition Pharmacology
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