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Home / Journals / Advances in Bioscience and Bioengineering / Enzymes in Biotechnology Applications
Enzymes in Biotechnology Applications
Lead Guest Editor:
Benlounissi Aïcha
High National College of Biotechnology, New University Center, Constantine, Algeria
Guest Editors
Chekroud Zohra
Department of Biology (Microbiology), 20 Août 1955 University
Skikda, Algeria
Mettalaoui Sophia
Department of Biology (Ecology and Environment), 20 Août 1955 University
Skikda, Algeria
Rouidi Sonia
Department of Biology (Ecology and Environment), 20 Août 1955 University
Skikda, Algeria
P.G. Department of Botany, Andhra Loyola College
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
In Biotechnology the researchers use organisms, or their systems to develop a new process to make new products. Enzymes are high performance catalyst which can easily ensure this function.

Since long time, many researchers were interested to enzymes because of their rapid catalytic power, they were able to extract, purify and use them in biotechnology for industrial applications.

These proteins can be used in the industry to replace harmful chemicals to the environment. For this reason many industrial processes use these biomolecules:
Amplification of DNA (Taq polymerase)
Cheese making industry (Rennet, Acid-protease)
Pharmaceutical industry (Pepsin)
Rubber industry (Catalase)
Textile and paper industry (Amylase).
Each time, these biotechnological applications motivate scientists to find new methods of applications of enzymes.

Aims and Scope:
Enzymes and analytical methods;
Enzymes in Chemical Industry;
Enzymes in Food and agricultural Industry;
Enzymes in Medical research;
Enzymes in Pharmaceutical Industry.
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