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Dec. 30, 2015
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Home / Journals / American Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering / Potential Threats in the Modern World: Bioterrorism, Biocrimes and Manipulations with Living Organisms
Potential Threats in the Modern World: Bioterrorism, Biocrimes and Manipulations with Living Organisms
Lead Guest Editor:
Firuza Tursunkhodjaeva
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Subtances, Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Tashkent City, Tashkent Province, Uzbekistan
Guest Editors
Department of Education and Biotechnology, Biotech Park
Lucknow, India
Abbas Farahani
Department of Microbiology, School of Medicine, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences
Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran
Ashraf El-Baz
Department of Industrial Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and ‎Biotechnology Research Institute‎, University of Sadat City
El-Sadat City, Minoufiya, Egypt
Bioterrorism is terrorism involving the intentional release or dissemination of biological agents. In biocrimes biological agents are used in criminal, sectarian, religious or ecological motives. These agents are bacteria, viruses, or toxins, and may be in a naturally occurring or a human- or animal-modified form. Manipulations with living agents may lead to their modification and acquisition of new properties that may be potentially dangerous to their hosts or environment. Biological agents may affect not only directly to human population, but also on farming animals, birds and agricultural plants. Fighting against bioterrorism and biocrimes is interdisciplinary problem comprises as the theoretical risk assessment of highly pathogenic biological agents, study their properties, living circles and effects in living organism, ways of distribution and infection, but also the practical aspects that might be important to consider in case of a bioterrorism events, including methods and test-systems for their assessment in the environment.

Scientists over the world can make contribution and express their opinion in this special issue that will include the following items:

1. Plant and animal neurotoxins and antidotes
2. Pathogenic biological agents and strategies/remedies for their control
3. Agroterrorism
4. Detecting bioterrorism, including animal models for assessing countermeasures to bioterrorism agents
5. Biocrimes
6. Manipulations with living organisms: potential threat, scientific and ethical aspects
7. Ethics of the public disclosure of the results of scientific investigations
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