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Volume 3, Issue 4-1
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Jun. 30, 2015
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Home / Journals / American Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering / Stem Cells for Neuro-Regeneration: Where Do We Stand
Stem Cells for Neuro-Regeneration: Where Do We Stand
Lead Guest Editor:
Hala Gabr
Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
Guest Editors
Wael Abo El-Kheir
Immunology, Military Medical Academy
Cairo, Egypt
Paper List
Authors: Abo Elkheir W, Reda M. A., Montaser I. A., Salem A. E., Sakr M. A.
Pages: 1-6 Published Online: May 6, 2015
Views 4004 Downloads 131
Authors: Zeinab M. Ismail, Menna M. Abdel-Dayem, Nagla M. Salama, Hala Gabr, Dalia I. Ismail, Ahmed S. Abdelhafiz, Shaimaa I. El-Jaafary
Pages: 7-17 Published Online: May 6, 2015
Views 3850 Downloads 130
Authors: Ayad H., Zahra M., Gabr H., Ismaeil A., Abo Elkheir Y.
Pages: 18-23 Published Online: Jun. 30, 2015
Views 2438 Downloads 52
Authors: Hala Gabr, Wael Abou El-Kheir, Osama Ghannam, Mohamed Esewy El-Fiki, Yehia Salah
Pages: 24-29 Published Online: Jun. 30, 2015
Views 2470 Downloads 47
Authors: Abo Elkheir W., Gabr H., Salah Y.
Pages: 30-33 Published Online: Jun. 30, 2015
Views 2216 Downloads 52
Authors: Elhawary S., Wagih A., Essam B., Tarek I., Aamer M., Ellessy R. M.
Pages: 34-42 Published Online: Jul. 6, 2015
Views 2467 Downloads 56
Authors: Ahmedy E., Kandel S., Gabr H., Rizk S., Khalifa . K, Kamal S.
Pages: 43-50 Published Online: Jul. 6, 2015
Views 2491 Downloads 63
Authors: Nehal Draz, Makram F. Attalah, Hany M. Shaheen, Wael Abo Elkeir
Pages: 51-55 Published Online: Jul. 6, 2015
Views 2367 Downloads 58
Authors: Wagih A., Elhawary S., Ellessy R. M., Esam B., Tarek I., Aamer M.
Pages: 56-70 Published Online: Jul. 9, 2015
Views 2420 Downloads 51
This issue will try to cover the state-of-the art in the subject of neuroregeneration through stem cell therapy. It will try to cover basic neuroscience as well as clinical trials in the field. Clinical applications will encompass traumatic, degenerative, and genetic central and peripheral nervous system disorders. The proposed sections of the issue will be:

1. In-vitro differentiation of various stem cell types into neural lineage
2. Mechanisms of neuroregeneration
3. In-vitro differentiation versus undifferentiated stem cell therapy
4. Evaluation of neural regeneration: steps towards standardization
5. Clinical trials in stem cell therapy in spinal cord injuries
6. Clinical trials in cerebral palsy
7. Clinical trials in cerebral stroke
8. Clinical trials in Parkinsonism
9. Clinical trials in Alzhiemer's disease
10. Clinical trials in ALS
11. Clinical trials in MS
12. The role of IPS in neural regeneration
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