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Mar. 30, 2015
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Home / Journals / American Journal of Agriculture and Forestry / Big Data Technology for Precision Agriculture (Big-PA)
Big Data Technology for Precision Agriculture (Big-PA)
Lead Guest Editor:
Fei Hao
School of Software, Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu, Shanxi, China
The emergence and development of big data technology offered a lot of opportunities and application potential for the precision agriculture field. The popularity of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing technologies in agriculture facilitate the generation of agricultural big data which is related to each link of arable land, sowing, fertilization, insecticidal, harvesting, storage, breeding, is the data analysis and mining. Generally, agricultural big data is composed of structural data, unstructured data, these data exhibits the characteristics of 5V features, i.e., volume, velocity, variety, value, veracity. The new feature of agricultural big data presents many challenges for precision agriculture, such as storage, retrieval, representation, dimensionality reduction and parallel distributed processing of those big data.

In this special issue, we solicit research papers with respect to the big data analytics technologies and application in precision agriculture. The goal of this special issue is to encourage multidisciplinary discussions related to creative ideas and application geared towards analyzing the big data generated from precision agriculture and to bring together state-of-the-art research contributions, tutorials, and position papers that address various aspects of analysis, design, optimization, implementation, and application of big data analytics in precision agriculture. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Architectures, protocols, and platform for Big-PA
2. Data collection, representation, storage, distribution, and cloud services for Big-PA
3. Power management and energy harvesting for green precision agriculture
4. Wireless sensor network for precision agriculture
5. Agricultural information retrieval
6. Performance evaluations and simulations of precision agriculture
7. Integration of Big-PA and Internet of Things (IoT)
8. Trends and future applications for Big-PA
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