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Home / Journals / American Journal of Nano Research and Applications / Micro/ Nano-Materials and Their Performances in Bio-Domains
Micro/ Nano-Materials and Their Performances in Bio-Domains
Lead Guest Editor:
Shafqat Ali
School of Material Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Hadian, China
Due to micro/nanoscale effects and increased surface area, these materials have been investigated as promising tools for the advancement of biological applications such as diagnostic biosensors, microbial activities, enzymatic studies, drug and gene delivery, and biomedical imaging. In comparison to their larger counterparts, these materials have unique physicochemical and biological properties. Many properties of micro/nano sized materials, such as size, shape, chemical composition, surface structure and charge, aggregation and agglomeration, and solubility, can greatly influence their interactions with biomolecules and cells. For example, micro/nano sized materials with size-tunable light emission have been employed to produce exceptional images of tumor sites; single-walled carbon nanotubes, having diameters comparable to the width of DNA molecules, have demonstrated an impressive potential as high-efficiency delivery transporters for biomolecules into cells. Therefore, the main emphasis of this special issue focuses on the development of some micro/nano sized materials and their applications in biological and medicinal domains.

Aims and Scope:

  1. Synthesis of nano-materials and their performances in bio-domains
  2. Synthesis of micro-materials and their performances in bio-domains
  3. Biochemistry research
  4. Bioorganometallic synthesis
  5. Medicinal chemistry
  6. Engineering towards bio-fields
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