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Volume 3, Issue 5-1
Expired Date:
Jul. 20, 2015
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Home / Journals / American Journal of Applied Chemistry / Development of Liquid Crystalline Stationary Phases for Liquid and Gas Chromatographic Separations
Development of Liquid Crystalline Stationary Phases for Liquid and Gas Chromatographic Separations
Lead Guest Editor:
Emad Ghanem
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria
Paper List
Authors: Emad Ghanem, Sahar Al-Hariri, Abeer Ghanem, Lama Aouda
Pages: 1-6 Published Online: Dec. 27, 2014
Views 3272 Downloads 200
Authors: Emad Ghanem
Pages: 7-10 Published Online: May 9, 2015
Views 3621 Downloads 79
This Special Issue welcomes original contributions of fundamental research in the field of the theory and practice of Liquid Crystalline Stationary Phases for chromatographic separations.

Authors may focus on short reviews of related topics, in addition to Articles.

Increasing attention has been focused on important pollutants introduced into the environment through the discharge of industrial waste and the decomposition of various pesticides. The determination of isomeric mixtures by ordinary stationary phases presents some difficulties, since these isomers have similar boiling points and polarities. The selectivity shown by Liquid Crystal phases is a consequence of the high degree of molecular order found in the liquid crystal mesophases. This selectivity is dependent on several factors including molecular shape, polarity and the flexibility of the solute molecule.

Chromatography is a very useful method for the direct separation of isomers. However, many years ago, commercially available Liquid Crystals were limited.

This issue provides an excellent platform for developing novel methods in Liquid Crystalline organic syntheses. In addition, their applications as stationary phases in gas and liquid chromatography for the separation and analysis of various isomers and enantiomers.
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