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Jul. 30, 2017
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Catalysis in Ionic Liquid Media
Lead Guest Editor:
Department of Chemistry, Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey
Traditional organic solvents have some disadvantages like volatility, toxicity, flammability etc. and researchers have to deal with these disadvantages before or after a chemical reaction. Ionic liquid can be defined as molten salt melts at or below 100 ◦C and can carry numerous advantages with compare to organic solvents. These green reaction media have many peculiar physical and chemical properties including non-volatility, high polarity, non-flammability, non-toxicity etc. They can be used many application areas including catalysis, pharmaceutical industry, oil refining, polymer industry, textile industry, nanotechnology etc. and numerous scientific research papers being published about these novel chemicals day by day. Heterogenous catalysis is the main topic in a catalytic reaction to provide a homogenous catalyst can be used several times. Ionic liquids can make multiphasic reaction systems with certain solvents and can dissolve many types of chemicals even including DNA. A catalyst can be used many times with dissolving in an ionic liquid and substrate(s) or product(s) can be extracted with a suitable organic. So the catalyst can be reused several time without loss of its activity.

Aims and Scope:
Ionic Liquids as a Green Solvent
Applications of Ionic Liquids
Ionic Liquid Synthesis
Catalytic Hydrogenation in Ionic Liquids
Catalytic Oxidation in Ionic Liquids
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