Published Special Issue
Volume 4, Issue 2-1
Expired Date:
Jan. 30, 2016
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Home / Journals / Journal of Surgery / Gastrointestinal Surgery: Recent Trends
Gastrointestinal Surgery: Recent Trends
Lead Guest Editor:
Aly Saber
Port-Fouad General Hospital, Port-Fouad, Port-Said, Egypt
Guest Editors
Adel Al-Masry
Department of General Surgery, Al-Mahalla Al-Koubra General Hospital
Al-Mahalla, Egypt
Mohamed Rifaat
Department of Otolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University
Ismailia, Egypt
Paper List
Authors: Adel R. Al-Masry, Ifrat Bakirov, Aly Saber, Junaid Hassan
Pages: 1-3 Published Online: Nov. 30, 2015
Views 3706 Downloads 66
Authors: Abeer Al Saweer, Reda Othman
Pages: 4-9 Published Online: Nov. 30, 2015
Views 3010 Downloads 55
Authors: Nesma M. Allam, Mohammed M. Khalaf, Wael N. Thabet, Zizi M. Ibrahim
Pages: 10-14 Published Online: Dec. 14, 2015
Views 3940 Downloads 149
Authors: Aly Saber
Pages: 15-19 Published Online: Jan. 13, 2016
Views 3597 Downloads 76
Authors: Aly Saber, Emad K. Bayumi
Pages: 20-26 Published Online: Jan. 13, 2016
Views 3767 Downloads 104
Authors: Emad Hokkam, Abdelaziz Gonna, Aly Saber, Ossama Zakaria, Abdulhameed Alhazmi
Pages: 27-30 Published Online: Jan. 27, 2016
Views 3559 Downloads 112
Authors: Emad K. Bayumi
Pages: 31-35 Published Online: Jan. 27, 2016
Views 4068 Downloads 70
Authors: Emad Hokkam, Soliman El-Kammash, Amr Abdelaziz, Sherif Farrag, Hamada Fathy, Ahmed Gomaa
Pages: 36-40 Published Online: Feb. 23, 2016
Views 3091 Downloads 67
The specialty of gastrointestinal tract surgery is an important component of the division of general surgery. The division of gastrointestinal surgery provides both comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this special issue, we will publish various works concerning gastrointestinal surgeries. The effect of surgery on quality of patient's life and patient's satisfaction will be studied. Emergency and elective gut surgery cases are invited for submission by general surgeons and surgical oncologists whose will be invited to submit their works. Original articles, review articles and case reports will be accepted for submission in this special issue.

Aims and scope:

This special issue aims to publish research, review, short communications, and case reports on all the aspects related to G.I.Surgery. The goal of this special issue is to provide a good chance for our colleagues and other surgeons all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments with the world regarding the scope of this issue.

The scope of this special issue is to cover the aspect of gastrointestinal surgery including diseases of the stomach, small and large intestine and anal canal.

Topics may be related ; but not limited to:

1. Abdominal trauma
2. Gastrointestinal emergencies
3. Gastrointestinal tumours
4. Colorectal diseases
5. Anal problems
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