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  • Nazan Kaymaz
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Introduction of the tablets, touchscreen devices, and the internet causes rapid access to the technology of young children. There is a developing tendency for very young children especially toddlers and preschoolers to use internet-connected devices, especially touchscreen tablets and smartphones. This is likely to result in an increasing number of very young children having access to the internet, along with a possible increase in acquaintance to risks associated with such internet use. As children are growing up surrounded by new technologies, it is demanded that young children's brains now are developing differently to the way adults' brains have developed. Many parents, educators, and psychologists have genuine reasons to fear children's commitment to the digital world. We live in a risk-averse culture and this is definitely accurate with concern to children. We know that children are likely to run hazards if they access the internet unsupervised, or stay online for long periods of continuous time. Adults' fears for children and their anxiety about their own lack of control over their children are the single biggest problems in accepting digital technology.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Growing trend of technology use by children
  2. benefits associated with children's early exposure to technology
  3. hazards associated with children's early exposure to technology
  4. parents concern about technology used by children
  5. Technology more readily adopted by children
  6. Rules for children's engagement with technology
  7. Digital parenting
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