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Mar. 30, 2016
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Language, Culture, and Identity
Lead Guest Editor:
Montasser Mahmoud
English Language Department, College of Languages and Translation, Al-Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
This special issue explores the inseparable relationship between language, culture, and identity; the interconnectedness of language and culture, and how language and culture impact upon one's identity Language can be defined as the ‘battlefield of identity’, a vehicle for debates concerned, in particular, with cultural identity. Issues of identity and language learning will remain at the forefront of research on language education, applied linguistics, and SLA in the future. Issues of identity are seen to be relevant not only to language learners, but to language teachers, teacher educators, and researchers. This special issue aims to present a comprehensive collection of innovative papers that will pave the way for future research on this topic, addressing its many dimensions and the interactions between them. This issue will focus on language, culture and identity in multilingual and multicultural environments and will concentrate on areas such as:

1. Teacher identity and implications for the classroom
2. Learner identity and implications for the classroom
3. Sociocultural context impacts upon the learners’ social and cultural identities in learning English
4. The impact of the English language on the construction of the sociocultural identities
5. Appropriate classroom approaches based on a sharper awareness of learners
6. Cultural underpinnings of language curricula and teaching
7. Innovative methods in intercultural education
8. Techniques for fostering cultural identity among ELL students
9. Intercultural comprehension and expectations in education
10. Definition and description of an authentic language user
11. Teachers’ perspectives on the relationship between ELT and students’ identity
12. Cultural Identity Validation and Recognition in the ELClassroom
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