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Home / Journals / American Journal of Physics and Applications / Recent Advances in Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal Technologies in India
Recent Advances in Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal Technologies in India
Lead Guest Editor:
R K Bajpai
Repository Engineering Section, Technology Development Division, Nuclear Recycle Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India
India has over 50 years of experience of managing radioactive wastes arising from various activities in the nuclear fuel cycle. The important developments include Vitirification on liquid high level waste using advanced melter and waste forms, their transportation, interim storage and disposal. India has also made remarkable progress in the field of separation technologies to be used in separation of valuable radioisotopes from waste and reuse them in medicine and other industry. The proposed issue would cover main highlights and accomplishments made by India in the field of safe management of radioactive wastes during its 50 years old nuclear power generation programme. This will be the first of its kind publication from India in international journal.

Aims and Scope:

1. Advances in radioactive waste minimization and conditioning
2. Advances in Vitirification of high level radioactive wastes and vitrification technology
3. Development of new waste forms
4. Immobilization of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes
5. Separation technologies in radioactive waste management
6. Management of Radioactive wastes from uranium mining
7. Geological disposal of radioactive wastes
8. Safety assessments and total system performance assessment of radioactive waste disposal facilities
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