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Home / Journals / Journal of Cancer Treatment and Research / Mechanism Transmutation Chronic Inflammation into Cancer Disease
Mechanism Transmutation Chronic Inflammation into Cancer Disease
Lead Guest Editor:
Ponizovskiy M.R.
Biochemical and Toxicological Laboratory, Kiev Regional P/N Hospital, Kiev, Ukraine
The mechanisms of chronic inflammations are differed from acute inflammations. Acute inflammations are characterized by general excessive shift of balance catabolic and anabolic processes into excessive catabolic exoergonic processes with great dissipation energy into environment causing high temperature of an organism. Thus acute inflammatory processes are general inflammatory processes. Unlike acute inflammations, chronic inflammations are local inflammatory processes which are characterized by local increased temperature, local expression both cellular immune mechanisms and humoral immune mechanisms due to intrusion of strange pathologic objects. These cellular immune mechanisms are produced by local resonance waves of immune cells’ cellular capacitors which resonance waves are unconnected to the resonance waves of normal cells’ cellular capacitors. Thus the mechanisms of chronic inflammatory processes leads to negative fluctuation entropy and transition normal Stationary State of an organism into Quasi-stationary pathologic State of an organism according to Glansdorff and Prigogine theory. Also the mechanisms of chronic inflammatory processes are characterized by local inflammatory swelling due to obstacle of outflow tissue fluid leading to congestion of tissue fluid. These conditions occur in anaerobic catabolic processes induced by HIF factor which make cells of this local nidus vulnerable for v-oncogene influences. Thus such mechanisms of chronic inflammations are promoted transmutation of some chronic inflammatory processes into the mechanisms of excessive anabolic endoergonic processes of cancer genesis.

The aim and scope of this submission is to explain the mechanism transmutation chronic Inflammation into cancer disease.
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